Beyond Campus

Rally in support of Planned Parenthood brings a variety of views

The capitol building never looked so rosy as it did on Aug. 25, as hoards of people in pink gathered in support of Planned Parenthood. The rally and press conference was held in response to Gov. Gary ...Read More

The race begins: Students become involved as campaigning ramps up

Candidates: 22—five democrats, 17 republicans. Days until the primaries begin: 151. Days until Election Day: 432. It’s early in the presidential election game, but as more candidates throw their name ...Read More

A mother, a daughter and a Dancing Moose

Westminster Griffins guide the Montessori Mooses in their educational journey.                    &n...Read More

Westminster students less affected by student debt crisis

With student debt climbing to $1.3 trillion, Westminster administrators have created a way for students to ease their stress when it comes to student loans.Over the past five years, the cost of colleg...Read More

A guide to Salt Lake City’s live music scene

Are you new to Salt Lake City and looking for some spots to listen to live music? Look no further. The DepotThe Depot is one of Salt Lake’s bigger music venues, built out of the old Union Pacific Trai...Read More

Raw juices and raw personalities

When Brittany Thaxton visited California when she was 23-years-old, she and husband Bryce Thaxton found inspiration in the health culture of juicing and the juice bars that they found on the coast. Wh...Read More