Bird is the word: e-scooters bring safety concerns, economic opportunities to Westminster

The only requirements to use them are a valid driver’s license, a credit card and the app. All around Salt Lake City and Sugarhouse, there are electric scooters scattered along the streets, ready to b...Read More

Let’s chat about beer, the chemistry of brewing

Beer. To most, this is a drink after a long day of work. But to some, it is an artform of perfecting a taste with four simple ingredients. “When you start looking at things like food science and food ...Read More

Community member powerlifts in dress clothes to overcome personal struggle, honor his identity

Students, faculty and staff might recognize Steven Seril by his signature dress clothes which he wears to lift weights on campus. Seril is a four-time 1st-place award winner in powerlifting, according...Read More

Dean of students leaves after 16 years

Former Dean of Students Mark Ferne, is leaving Westminster College after a 16-year career where he said he tried to focused on community building and student success. Ferne was the longest-serving dea...Read More

Beyond Halloween, be more conscious of what you wear and do

With Halloween approaching, individuals are beginning to determine what they will dress up as for the holiday. ASW’s latest Taboo Talk speaker urges society to not mimic other cultures without knowing...Read More

Interim Title IX coordinator appointed, college seeks full-time replacement

Westminster College’s Title IX coordinator resigned earlier this semester. While the college searches for a permanent replacement, an interim coordinator has been selected. Former Title IX Coordinator...Read More

Westminster drag show celebrates LGBT culture

With Beyonce and Lady Gaga songs on cue, the lights adjusted, and the crowd excited, the performers were ready to take the catwalk. In the final days of Westminster’s pride week, ASW events, in partne...Read More

Wage, work hour restrictions make it difficult to pay tuition students say

Westminster College’s minimum wage and work hour limits push some students with on-campus jobs to look for additional sources of income, according to students. Which leaves them with little time for s...Read More

Students say they resonate with president’s inaugural address

New President Bethami Dobkin said her commitment to diversity was one of her reasons for coming to Westminster College in her inaugural address Saturday. President Dobkin is the 19th president and sec...Read More

Symposium speakers say technology should be used to ‘enrich’ world

A keynote speaker and five panelists, from different fields and backgrounds, discussed the ethical questions surrounding society’s use of technology and agreed it needs to be used to improve lives, no...Read More