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Westminster College community choir helps alumni engage in campus community

Though some Westminster College alumni struggle to stay engaged with the school after graduation, that isn’t the case for those involved in the Westminster Community Choir, who say it provides them an...Read More

Westminster works to educate faculty on diversity and inclusion

Faculty and staff came together Thursday in the Kim T. Adamson Alumni House for a conversation with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion about the importance of inclusivity in the classroom, ...Read More

Outdoor leadership student works to recover after injury to achieve academic, career goals

When Patrick Marrinan, a junior at Westminster College, dropped off a cliff while snowboarding at Brighton Resort in December 2016, he knew he had too much speed. As he flew past the drop-off and land...Read More

Westminster collaboration harnesses statistics to quantify the financial, environmental impact of Jewett expansion

Westminster College’s recently-announced addition to the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts could seriously increase overall energy use and costs on campus. Educational institutions in the United S...Read More

2018 Mx. Westminster educates audience with crash course on sex

Twelve Westminster College students competed in the Residence Hall Association’s (RHA) Mx. Westminster pageant on Feb. 8 — but Maggie Regier, a sophomore custom major in arts administration and public...Read More

‘More War?’ Westminster College professor discusses foreign policy under Trump administration

Westminster College professor J. Kael Weston challenged an audience in the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts on Tuesday to remember that those in war-torn countries aren’t too different from thems...Read More

Salt Lake’s first cat cafe might reflect an increase in “cat-centric” environments

It could cost you only $8 to meet your new best friend. Tinker’s Cat Cafe, located on 302 E. 900 South, opened last November and is Salt Lake City’s first ever cat cafe, where customers can purchase c...Read More

Students and faculty prepare for a 7.0 earthquake at Westminster, which was built on a fault line

Students and faculty at Westminster College are working to better prepare for the possibility of a 7.0-magnitude earthquake on a campus where many of the buildings were built before earthquake safety ...Read More

Some student athletes struggle with body image, fitting ‘ideal’ physique for their sports

When Jasmine McWilliams, a first-year student on Westminster College’s dance and cheer teams, tried out for the Golden State Warriors, the Sacramento Kings and the Jazz Dance Team, she said she felt l...Read More

Westminster behind ordinance deadline as it works to improve waste diversion

Within 20 years, Salt Lake City envisions all waste within the city will be “recycled, reused or composted instead of being sent to a landfill.” In partnership with SLC Green, the public face of Salt ...Read More

After 20 years, Westminster community says Vagina Monologues still provides an important opportunity for conversation

“My vagina is mad. My vagina is rrreeeaaalll mad.” That’s what Daisy Sherman, a student at Westminster College, belted onstage through the Vieve Gore Concert Hall on Feb. 10 as a part of the V-Day clu...Read More

Westminster College’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day offers a “safe environment” for young women to learn and grow

Girls between the ages of 6 and 14 came to the Dolores Dore Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center (HWAC) at Westminster College on Saturday to play soccer and basketball and learn how to hip hop...Read More

Visiting lecturer: zombie popularity increases in times of cultural anxiety

The popularity of zombies in American culture — think TV shows like “The Walking Dead” and apps like “Plants vs. Zombies” — may allude to societal fear of changing norms, according to Dr. Aliza Atik, ...Read More

Students in Westminster’s fine arts-based photography program say it offers them a unique, competitive education

Westminster College’s fine arts-based photography program may prepare its undergraduates differently from commercial programs, but the students said they think that it gives them an edge. The program ...Read More

Former students who returned as Westminster faculty talk about why they decided to teach at their alma mater

Initially, it was the beautiful campus tucked away in the middle of the eclectic Sugar House neighborhood that made them fall in love with Westminster College — but their life experiences and a desire...Read More

Westminster student battles scoliosis with rock climbing

For many students at Westminster College, rock climbing is a way to relieve stress and have fun. But for Cole Cooper, a junior political science major who was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis at ag...Read More

Westminster College aviation students and faculty face the program’s last three years of existence with hope

After 50 years, the aviation program at Westminster College — which houses the flight operations and aviation management majors — will be phased out by Spring 2021 due to its high maintenance costs. W...Read More

Westminster students seemingly unmotivated to attend event for most-watched sports game in the nation

It’s well known among campus leadership that students at Westminster College have an attendance problem. Though most make it to class, they are notably absent from college events, like game days. Gett...Read More

Westminster College opera production raises money for survivors of human trafficking

Westminster College’s latest opera production took on a greater purpose than just entertainment during its performances Friday and Saturday. The production, “Elixir of Love,” donated its proceeds to O...Read More

Westminster alum speaks on sexual assault, offers support to survivors at #MeToo town hall

Hollywood isn’t the only community shaken into action by the #MeToo movement — a hashtag that went viral last October and has remained in the spotlight through national media coverage. The conversatio...Read More

Photojournalist looks to separate fact from fiction at Westminster lecture

Within a national and international landscape marked by cries of “fake news” and distrust of the media, freelance photojournalist Nicole Tung says images are still powerful tools that have the potenti...Read More

Former Westminster College student says Title IX system “failed” her, led her to transfer

Madison Mansfield thought the night her ex-boyfriend shattered her nose and attempted to strangle her would be the one of the worst experiences of her life. But, she said, the ensuing months-long Titl...Read More

ASW president resigns mid-term, citing mental health concerns

Westminster College ASW President Ben Pok announced at a Senate meeting and in an email sent to the student body Monday evening that he intends to resign at the end of this semester, citing mental hea...Read More

Meet Westminster’s beer nerds

Beer. For many it’s a means of intoxication, for some it’s an art form — and for others, it’s a path to a future career in research.Will Deutschman, a chemistry professor at Westminster College, said ...Read More

Bridging cultural gaps with sparkling water

Olivia Wathne said she has always admired her mother, Kelly. From a young age, she said Kelly—who hasn’t sipped regular water since her twenties, long before Wathne was born—taught her to take pride i...Read More