Trump’s Twitter attacks on the NFL show us he’s the one being “un-American”

Every Sunday, new stories and tweets appear offering updates on a protest that has caught the nation’s attention — players in the National Football League (NFL) silently kneeling during the National A...Read More

‘Whitelash’ after “Get Out” hits the screen

Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” captures a satirical view of what it means to be black in today’s America — but it’s received plenty of backlash from (white) folks who criticize it for disrupting the status ...Read More

New song, same Taylor: “Look What You Made Me Do” embodies revenge, victimhood and refusal to take blame

Taylor Swift’s new music video “Look What You Made Me Do” set a new record, reaching 43.2 million views in the first 24 hours it was posted to YouTube.Some loved it and a lot of people hated it.After ...Read More

Reflections on anxiety and depression during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Disclaimer: When it comes to mental health and mental illness, I believe it is critical to talk about these things, how they affect us and about how our loved ones can support us. Talking, writing, mu...Read More

Your handy guide to understanding The Forum

In an ever-changing media landscape marked by massive amounts of noise and fake news, it can be hard to know how to engage with news organizations — especially for those of us who may have never been ...Read More

Bridging cultural gaps with sparkling water

Olivia Wathne said she has always admired her mother, Kelly. From a young age, she said Kelly—who hasn’t sipped regular water since her twenties, long before Wathne was born—taught her to take pride i...Read More

What NOT to do your senior year

Hey, there. My name is Christian Anderson, and I’m worried.Why am I worried? Well, I’m a senior on the cusp of graduation. And I’m still finding myself.For many of us, this is the first time certainty...Read More

Utah only pretends to like the outdoors

Utah has a love-hate relationship with the outdoors and the outdoor industry. Government dollars go to organizations like Ski Utah, which promote tourism in the state. Yet simultaneously, Gov. Ga...Read More

In response to “Living outside Westminster’s ‘ski culture’”

On March 24, 2017 the forum posted an article titled “Living Outside Westminster’s ‘Ski Culture’.” This article seemed to state, that if you don’t ski or snowboard at Westminster, you don’t have an im...Read More

Utah: Where sports fandoms and politics meet

If House Speaker Greg Hughes isn’t going to pay back the state of Utah for the $203,000 he wasted, he should at least apologize for leading the first-ever state audit of a single athletic department.S...Read More

Must we burn Pup Amp? A reflection on sex positivity and activism

In “Must We Burn Sade?” Simone de Beauvoir grapples with the legacy of the Marquis de Sade, an erotic writer who stands out to this day as one of the most grotesque pornographers of the West.The Stanf...Read More

From the Hill: Week seven of the Legislative session

As the legislature came to its end this week, I found myself going back and forth—as I often do—between wanting Utah’s legislative session to be longer or holding alternated biannual sessions, where y...Read More

From the Hill: Week six of the Legislative session

This upcoming week is the session's LAST. Thank goddess.Rep. Karianne Lisonbee’s HB198 – which allows Utahns between the ages of 18 and 21 to conceal carry weapons – passed out of a Senate committee l...Read More

Fake news and false reporting

There’s a difference between fake news and false reporting.I had the privilege of covering Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s town-hall meeting on Feb. 9. National reporters covered the meeting, and videos of...Read More

From the Hill: Week five of the Legislature

Well, another week passed at the Utah Legislature—aging us about three months. Here are some of last week’s highlights:Rep. Sandra Hollins’ (D) HB156, which would “ban the box” in the state, advanced ...Read More

Dreaming isn’t enough

Last month, we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King. Now, in the midst of Black History month, it’s important that we continue to reflect on the experiences of black people—our history and recent events....Read More

From the Hill: Week four of the Legislature

This week, Utah GOP Chairman, James Evans, released a press statement advising the Utah Congressional delegation to cease holding town-hall meetings for the time being because of his interpretation of...Read More

From the Hill: Week three of the Legislative session

Ryan LaRe is a senior political science major and former intern in the House Democratic caucus.Following his packed, chaotic and divisive town-hall meeting, Rep. Jason Chaffetz dismissed constituents ...Read More

From the Hill: Week two of the Legislative session

When every week feels like 10, here’s what happened this week at the Utah State Capitol.This week started (and ended) with protests against President Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban. Governor He...Read More

Why the Westminster community needs to care about the Muslim ban and everything that comes after

This past week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me as a Muslim, a Hijabi, a refugee and an Iraqi. The weekend started off with Trump signing an executive order to temporarily ban refugees ...Read More

Westminster community addresses President Trump’s executive orders on immigration

After President Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending entry of all refugees into the United States for 120 days, Syrian refugees indefinitely and citizens from seven Muslim-majority popula...Read More

From the Hill: Week one of the legislative session

 Ryan LaRe is a senior political science major and former intern in the House Democratic caucus.The session started with over 6,000 folks braving a blizzard on Jan. 23 to fill the Capitol for the Wome...Read More

Limousines on fire, warm fuzzies, pussyhats and a dash of white feminism

No protest is perfect. I mean, hell yeah to the millions of people who showed up to the Women’s March. It was empowering, important and incredible, and the world needs more warm, fuzzy feelings right ...Read More

The art of being alone

It’s 4:51 a.m. (to be precise), and I can’t sleep. Underneath a mound of blankets and facing away from the sounds of 1300 East, I feel relatively content. The faces of my family, friends and attr...Read More

Campus leaders across the state pledge to create safe communities during Trump Presidency

Campus leaders at Westminster College, the University of Utah, Dixie State University and Salt Lake Community College came together to write a letter of support for safe communities and diverse popula...Read More

Post-election reflections on my trip to Afghanistan

In the summer of 2015, a few days before May Term classes ended, I decided it was time to visit my home country. Born and raised in Afghanistan, it had been four years since I’d last visited my hometo...Read More

Thanksgiving 2016: Mixed family, mixed feelings

With only a few weeks left in the semester, I’m sure I’m not the only one who needed a vacation —but then I had to fly to California to deal with Thanksgiving in a mixed family.Coming from a “mixed fa...Read More

Finding complexity

It wasn’t my parents I feared most but rather the things I knew they couldn’t protect me from. They never asked me to define myself in any certain way and never pushed it to happen sooner than I was r...Read More

Totalitarianism in your pocket: Activism is in need of philosophy Part II

In the previous article, I outlined a problem. In this companion piece, I hope to further clarify that problem and illustrate my solution to it. I will provide a brief overview of my analysis here, bu...Read More

Everything I want to say to my first-year residents but don’t know how

Heyo, It’s me—your friendly neighborhood residential adviser (RA). You might know me from the first floor meeting, where I awkwardly talked about policies loudly in your face, or perhaps from tho...Read More

Griffins in the classroom, Utes on the weekend

Tis’ the season—football season, that is, and Westminster College students aren’t missing out on the fun. Sure, Westminster doesn’t have a football team, but there are always a handful of students rep...Read More

Learning Communities: Connecting or clashing perspectives?

Westminster College officially implemented its WCore curriculum—which replaced the liberal education requirements—with this year’s first-year class. There have been both negative and positive com...Read More

Totalitarianism in your pocket: Activism is in need of philosophy; Part I

As a Scorpio and someone named after J.D. Salinger’s Holden Caulfield, it seems I was fated to study a philosophical tradition known for its suspicion of all things conventional, seemingly instinctive...Read More

Why labels hurt the LGBTQ+ community

When it comes to gender, sexuality and romantic attraction, we live in a world of shifting values. As a whole, things are definitely improving. Gay marriage is legal in the United States, the transgen...Read More

And I am alive

Holden smiled at me when I got to Shaw and hovered slightly behind while I selected nourishment. I’d appreciated that he was so quick to answer my text about needing an eating buddy, but desired some ...Read More

Best Hangover Spot: Blue Plate Diner

Congratulations, you’ve managed to make it to Blue Plate Diner after a, let's say, long night. Probably the best decision you’ll manage to make all day with the rest of the 11 a.m. hangover crowd. Bre...Read More

Best Vegetarian Joint and Coffee House: Sugar House Coffee

Although Sugar House Coffee (SHC) is known for its assortment of teas and fairtrade coffee, it also provides customers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. The eclectic environment in SHC boa...Read More

Best Professor of Arts and Sciences: A friendly goodbye to Rulon Wood

Entering an office up a few flights of stairs in Foster Hall, students can expect an experience. The wall is cluttered with degrees, a Diet Coke or two, multiple computer monitors and then, there in t...Read More

Best Bookstore: The King’s English Bookshop

This is the original bookstore around the corner. This quaint shop is every book lover’s paradise. Wander through the maze of rooms filled to the brims with a vast selection of literature. Story hour ...Read More

Diversity in danger?

In the 2003 vote in a decision that upheld Affirmative Action as constitutional, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, said, "We expect that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will ...Read More

The last time and last thoughts

This is the last time. The last time I get to sit here like this and be myself. This is the last time I get to write an editor’s column. It is sad, humbling and something I will cherish. This task has...Read More

One justice at a time

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court’s most devout conservative and “originalist,” has disrobed the last layer of congressional professionalism and laid naked the ugly partisanship p...Read More

Dear first-year Cozy

Dear first-year Cozy, This next year will be a big one. You will meet new friends and come to value their understandings of what it means to indeed Be a Human. You’ll begin to understand more and...Read More

The two-week whirlwind crash of a graduating senior

Airbnb reservations, arranging family plane tickets, graduation dress, award ceremonies, planning a trip to Zion, renting a car and the list tumbles on. I’m sitting in my bed trying to make it st...Read More

Just another face

I sit in class with you. I work out on the treadmill and in the weight room next to you. I shop at Smith’s next to you. I ski up at Brighton and Alta next to you.I am a member of the Westminster commu...Read More

Westminster theatre department hosts One Act Festival

Grab your lunches and head to the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts for Westminster theatre department's annual student-directed One Act Festival.Performances are April 14–15 at noon, followed by ...Read More

Sugar House in Review: How to eat healthy and not go broke

It’s a cool April afternoon in the suburbs as I yank my skittish dog on a leash. The chore of exercising him is exhausting, resulting in burned calories, resulting in hunger, resulting in my least fav...Read More

Great Salt Lake Podcast: A student-directed audio series airing on KRCL

Eight months ago, we got an idea. We wanted to make a podcast. Fueled by our deep interest in science and love of podcasts as a form of communication, we decided to pursue an engaging audio podcast se...Read More

Sugar House in Review: Coffee bar crawl

A fourth of my life has been dedicated to being a beverage servant to all the basic bitches in the valley. It’s made me a conceited snob when it comes to ordering coffee, and I still shiver at the wor...Read More

Utah caucus surprisingly takes a larger stage

One of the biggest and most controversial elections in American history reached the state of Utah on March 22, and—in spite of crowded venues—had less turnout than in previous years.Westminster studen...Read More

Up he goes—for democrats, opposites attract

Bernie Sanders is the oldest candidate in the presidential race. If elected, the self described “democratic-socialist” will be the oldest U.S. president ever to serve—strange, considering his campaign...Read More

Sugar House in Review: St. Patty’s bar crawl

Nothing says America like using other countries’ holidays as an excuse to get drunk. This St. Patrick’s Day, I’m using the Irish celebration as an excuse to get more familiar with the local pubs. Here...Read More

Reflecting on women’s history month

If you know me well, you know that in my backpack sits a small picture book that has been there since last semester and is titled Rad American Women A–Z  by Kate Schatz. It includes the...Read More

More than just cake

This month I received an assignment to make something to bring to a potluck. The catch: it had to have a story behind it (i.e. your dad’s famous chili or the tamales you eat every Christmas).Now, the ...Read More

Should marijuana be legalized?

We asked, “Should marijuana be legalized? Why or why not?” and Westminster students answered. 

To be utterly lost: Confessions of a scared, second-semester senior

Lost, oh my how I am lost beyond belief. “What are you doing in May?...Have you thought about what’s next after graduation?...So have you got any sort of job lined up?...Are you REALLY staying in...Read More

The canyon traffic struggle

Salt Lake City has many environmental problems. If you need any specific evidence for this claim, head up Little Cottonwood Canyon, stop and then look back down the canyon. The view is usually filled ...Read More

The Music Maverick: February music reviews

David Bowie – Blackstar:Released two days before his death, “Blackstar” feels aware of its role as David Bowie’s final goodbye. Recorded between chemo sessions, Bowie’s looming death seeps into every ...Read More

Sugar House in Review: Valentine’s Day cheap-kid extravaganza challenge

I’ve been with my husband for nearly four years, and we are already bored of Valentine’s Day. I knew chocolates and expensive dinners weren’t going to cut it this year, and I wanted to service those i...Read More

College sports drop the ball

College sports are a danger to students of higher education in almost every way. Collegiate athletic programs are draining secondary institutions of important funding and promote a variety of unhealth...Read More

Sugar House in review: HWAC group exercise

Winter Break has left me excessively squishy from holiday meals swathed in gravy and chocolate. My hibernation-like activities resulted in my stamina to fall to a dismal state. And just like thousands...Read More

Are You Listening?: Why is everything so god-damn heterosexual? And why do heterosexuals not question it?

Heterosexuals are uniquely positioned in society. Yet, heterosexuals are never really required to think about being heterosexual in the ways queer folk are required to position our experiences and liv...Read More

Are you listening?: Where are the allies?

Society taught me not to voice my opinion, not to create controversy. As a female, I was taught my place is not to speak up or to be loud. I have been quiet. I have kept my opinions to myself. Neverth...Read More

Are You Listening?: Brown eyes

“Nunca te rindes” explained my mother as I first stepped onto American soil, leaving behind a piece of me in my home country.“Nunca te rindes” explained my mother when I realized that my hair did not ...Read More

Are You Listening?: How to relate, for white kids

You know when there’s a tragedy, and how everyone talks about it for a few days? We greet each other with “how tragic”s. In a way, we feel the pain of people dealing with an earthquake or a bombing or...Read More

Are You Listening?: Diversity vs. diversity: Is there a difference?

When considering the term “Diversity”, I believe it is important to recognize the difference between ‘diversity’ with a little ‘d’ versus that of ‘Diversity’ with a big ‘D’. Academic diversity, though...Read More

Are You Listening?: What about us?

Every year, thousands of freshmen across the United States begin their college education. The majority of us know how exhilarating distance from authority and the freedom of independence is. But for s...Read More

In defense of The Donald

Donald Trump has offended so many people in the U.K. that, this month, the parliament debated measures to ban him from entering its country. In the U.S., on the other hand, Trump has offended so many ...Read More

Are You Listening?: In defense of habitable spaces

Many conversations and discourses around diversity and inclusion in academia mention making spaces (often classroom-focused but more importantly, all spaces on campus) more habitable, or “safe.” Habit...Read More

Are You Listening?: Why I’m angry

I am angry. That I have to write this in the first place. That it took me this long to be angry. That every time I meet someone I fall into the habit of prematurely wagering if I’ll have to hide to av...Read More

Christmas Street, a Sugar House tradition 70 years strong

The residents of Glen Arbor Drive in Salt Lake City have been altering their ordinary street into a bright holiday wonderland known as Christmas Street each December for the past 70 years.“Oh, gosh. M...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Wind

Air is after me now? Have you been outside recently? It’s brutal out there.So what is it? Simply put, the flow of gases. Gases are a state of matter defined by a large separation between individual mo...Read More

Talking ‘bout our generation

"Fucking Millennials." That comment rings in my ears still, like a haunting. It's Monday morning, 10:27 a.m., and you want to know where I am? I'm standing in the middle of a frozen baseball...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Crystals

What are they? Crystals are solid materials with components that are arranged in ordered structures. These structures form a crystal lattice, a series of repeating units, that extends in all dire...Read More

Sunday goodbyes

It’s been a week. That’s right: seven days. Seven blips.That’s nothing... I have over six months to wait. Why is it hard this time?My best friend deployed. We’ve done this before; multiple times. He’s...Read More

Halloween face paint tutorials

On a budget this Halloween? Try one of these simple looks that can easily be recreated by students, demonstrated by local makeup artist Jordan Dyches.“To people who are intimidated by fx looks I would...Read More

The craving for real haunts: A visit to Asylum 49

Outside Asylum 49, the self-described “full contact haunted house” built into the old Tooele hospital, a doctor in bloody scrubs challenges me to a game of rock-paper-scissors. I can tell right away b...Read More

Trick or Treat? It’s time for horrifying Halloween fun

Most students can relate to the fact that college is hard. Permission is given—take a break and have a laugh. Find a few friends, go out and regroup for the last half of the Fall semester. Go check ou...Read More

Women’s volleyball’s tough transition to Division 2

“Hardworking, passionate and excellent students.” Those were just a few words said by Al Givens, the head coach of the women’s volleyball team, when discussing his team. Givens is in his second season...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Sodium

That’s the stuff I’m not supposed to eat too much of.Sodium is one half of table salt, sodium chloride. It’s an element, meaning it can’t be broken down into smaller parts without losing its propertie...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? DTVs

I’m no fan of acronyms in general, but why is this specific one after me? DVT stands for deep-vein thrombosis, where your blood spontaneously forms a clot inside your vein.That sounds like someth...Read More

True confessions of a college first-year

Truth #1: I’m lonely.You think that once you leave home and start to live on your own, it’s going to be so exciting. You think you’re going to suddenly have all this freedom and be able to do whatever...Read More

Hole in the wall: The Annex by Epic Brewing

If you’re running low on ideas for a first date, visit The Annex. Trust me; I’ve done it before.Nestled in between two well-known pizza places (Mellow Mushroom and Flatbread Pizza) in the ever-expandi...Read More

Editor’s column

Welcome back Griffins! It’s a brand new year and we at The Forum couldn’t be more excited to get going. My words of wisdom for this year: don’t stay stagnant, get uncomfortable.I know that sounds not ...Read More