Clutter and Dissonance Ep. 2 Folk Music

Clutter and Dissonance Ep. 2 Folk Music

Clutter and Dissonance is a podcast dedicated to showcasing and reviewing music across different styles and time periods hosted by Conner Lockie. This episode focuses on artists who take the traditional music of their home country and gives it a contemporary, experimental edge. The episode covers American jazz and blues, South African gospel music and Iranian traditional dances among other things, exploring music from all parts of the world.

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Debt and indebtedness: "Finding a way out of no way out" with Dr. Rachel Ellis Neyra

In this special from Sugar House Sound, Westminster alum Marlene Mercado chatted with professor Dr. Rachel Ellis Neyra when she visited campus earlier this month. Take a listen to their conversation about graduate school debt and navigating academia. Then, stay tuned for a poetry reading by Dr. Ellis Neyra.

Dr. Ellis Neyra is a poet theorist and teaches Latinx Black poetics and performance art at Wesleyan University.

Keep an eye out for Sugar House Sound’s future specials featuring other visitors to campus.