Debt and indebtedness: "Finding a way out of no way out" with Dr. Rachel Ellis Neyra

In this special from Sugar House Sound, Westminster alum Marlene Mercado chatted with professor Dr. Rachel Ellis Neyra when she visited campus earlier this month. Take a listen to their conversation about graduate school debt and navigating academia. Then, stay tuned for a poetry reading by Dr. Ellis Neyra.

Dr. Ellis Neyra is a poet theorist and teaches Latinx Black poetics and performance art at Wesleyan University.

Keep an eye out for Sugar House Sound’s future specials featuring other visitors to campus.

Utah Local Music: Indigo Plateau

In this episode of the Utah Local Music podcast, we sat down with Salt Lake based dream pop band Indigo Plateau. We spoke with all four members about their musical influences, songwriting process, and  future goals as a band. Come check out their debut show at Kilby Court on April 19 and listen to some of their tracks on Bandcamp.


Westminster's Weird History: Westminster's jazz program

Long before our full-fleshed music program, Westminster was home to one of the most well-known jazz programs in the country. At the peak of the program, students had the opportunity to study and jam with visiting artists such as Frank Zappa, Tom Scott, Jean Luc Ponty and Mothers of Invention. Listen to the podcast for more information on some of the jazz greatness that once passed through Westminster's halls. 

Westminster Stories: Emily Quinn and intersex identity

Westminster Stories is a podcast forum dedicated to providing a platform for students to share their unique experiences. These episodes are comprised of selections from a conversation we had with each student, allowing students to tell their stories in their own voices and foster greater honesty and authenticity.

In today’s episode, we sat down with Emily Quinn, a grad student at Westminster who is intersex, a condition where one’s sexual anatomy is ambiguous or does not fit established medical definitions. Despite popular misconceptions, being intersex is not a rarity and can take many forms. The Intersex Society of North America estimates that 1 in every 1500 births is intersex.

Emily talks about what it means to be intersex, the problems with surgical "intervention," intersex advocacy and embracing one’s identity.

Westminster Artists: Company Of Cohorts

In this episode of Westminster Artists, we spoke to some of the founding members of the Company of Cohorts, a local theatre company started by Westminster students. Right now they have a Kickstarter to fund their productions at the San Diego International Fringe Festival and the second Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival this summer. We spoke to Max Huftalin, Amanda Corbett, and CJ Strong about why they decided start a theatre company and why people should donate to their Kickstarter.

Utah Local Music: Nicole LaCount

In this episode of Utah Local Music, a podcast featuring Westminster’s hidden musical talent, we will be talking to singer/songwriter Nicole LaCount. Nicole is a senior at Westminster, where she is a member of the choir and is president of the music club. Though classically trained, she is passionate about her own original songs of the indie/folk genre. Check out this podcast for a live performance and background story on Nicole’s musical journey.