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Halloween face paint tutorials

On a budget this Halloween? Try one of these simple looks that can easily be re-created by students, demonstrated by local makeup artist Jordan Dyches.

“To people who are intimidated by fx looks I would say that makeup is for fun and to be used as a creative outlet,” said Jordan Dyches, local makeup artist. “No one is amazing when they first start, it’s about creating a character.”

Pop art
1. Fill in brows with black and create a high arch
2. Place black lines in areas of expression (furrowed brow, bridge of nose, chin, jaw line, eyes, ect…)
3. Fully line lips with black liner
4. Place colored dots on areas without lining. (Red or white paint)

1. Fully cover face with a dead colored paint (green or yellow skin tones)
2. Place dark colors in hollows of face (cheekbones, under eyes, along hairline and jawline, around the mouth and lips)
3. Create cut or rotting skin with morticians wax, fill in wax with red and fake blood.

To keep up with Jordan’s latest looks check out her Instagram Jordan_haii or contact her via email, for more information.

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