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Welcome back Griffins! It’s a brand new year and we at The Forum couldn’t be more excited to get going.

My words of wisdom for this year: don’t stay stagnant, get uncomfortable.

I know that sounds not fun, but hey, you’re here these four years and they fly.

Whether you are the doe-eyed first-year or the jagged jaded junior, you are here, so be here. Say “yes” to things. Don’t be stagnant. Happiness is achieved when you are experiencing and enjoying your time.

College is the perfect environment for you to try new things. Throw yourself into new activities or find comfort in the activities that you already love.

This ride called college can be tough and bog you down, but it can also be beautiful.

That’s why my advice for the four years of college is simple and sweet: don’t stay stagnant. Saying “yes” to opportunities is vital.

The traditional student is aged 18 to about 25 years old. At this age, we are constantly bombarded with advice that we’re supposed to take to heart.

Log on to your Facebook and, if you’re anything like me, you cannot scroll through your feed without seeing the classical BuzzFeed or Odyssey news article stating “What 20-something-year-olds need to do” or “How to be 20 and happy.”

You don’t need a list to tell you how to be happy in your 20s or a parent to micro-manage every step. I hate people telling you the key to being happy. We are not a lump of un-individualized drones.

The key to being happy here at Westminster: say “yes” to opportunities. No matter your interests, the Westminster community has a place for you. There’s an abundance of outdoor, music, art or professional activities here.

Hey, who knows, (Warning: shameless plug) maybe you have a passion for writing, photography or podcast production. If any of those sparked your fancy, well then we have a place for you here at Forum Media.

But no, in all honesty, the happiest times here at college when not slaving away on school work is actually being able to enjoy your environment. My opinion, you are here for four years so take advantage of it.

But yes, study hard, do well in school and take that job. But while in college, don’t stress on the future. Sign up for intramurals, go on an outdoor recreation night hike or simply just go home with one of your roommates to take a road trip.

I made my best friend by road tripping to her home in Nampa, Idaho last year to see her family. The weekend consisted mainly of naps, bubble baths and hanging out with her little sisters.

What that trip also had was meaningful conversations, a new second family support system and me experiencing Idaho for the first time.

Don’t settle and play it safe. Make these four years count. Say “yes” even to road trips to the middle of nowhere, you never know what you may find.

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