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The need-to-know people of campus

Photo by Rachel Robertson

Need-to-know people of Westminster are comprised group of leaders that deal with tasks that range from budgets and safe speech on campus to school dances. Westminster has a multitude of opportunities for students to get involved.

All of the leaders belong to ASWC, which is broken down into five branches: executive, activities, ASWC Senate, judicial branch and the Inter-Club Council. Each branch has separate interests and focuses to help ensure that students are receiving the most out of their college experiences.

This article puts a face to the leaders and volunteers who help make Westminster a better place. All representatives are here to serve and be a voice for the students.

Students can reach their representatives and find out even more information about them on

ASWC President: Constantino “Costa” Lasiy

The president is the chief liaison to the Board of Trustees and board committees. He selects and leads the senior team as well as oversees the management of the ASWC Office and its functions.

The president represents Westminster College on a local, state and national level by serving on the executive board of the Utah Student Association and being a member of the National Campus Leadership Council.

Lasiy is a resource and facilitator for students, and they should feel free to reach out to him whenever they have questions or concerns.

What is your favorite memory from Westminster so far?

“Westminster has created many awesome memories for me, my favorite one is most definitely my orientation. That’s when I met all these amazing people and experienced Westminster for the first time.”

What is your favorite part about the Westminster community?

“That there’s people with the most diverse passions. We have people into soccer, skiing, biology research and even some that are into French. Many times, these groups overlap in the most unexpected ways.”

What is your favorite restaurant to eat at in the Sugar House area?

“Chipotle and Mellow Mushroom currently share first place.”

ASWC Chief Justice: Allison Smith

The chief justice reviews all new club constitutions, enforces ASWC guiding documents and records office hours.

The chief justice is also the administrative coordinator to the president and a mentor to the ASWC Senate.

If you could tell the first-year students one nugget of wisdom for college, what would it be?

“Get out of your comfort zone and relax.”

What is your favorite place to eat when your parents are in town?

“My favorite place specifically when my parents are in town is easily Cafe Trio. I love Cafe Trio for the amazing baked penne. I also love The Dodo pies, as well. Get a slice of any flavor and go study (as in binge watch “Orange is the New Black”).”

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

One album for the rest of my life? Goodness, does a mix tape that includes The Beatles, Aerosmith, Sara Bareilles, Of Monsters and Men and Tyler the Creator count?”

ASWC Speaker of the Senate: James Steur

The Senate is the policy making body of ASWC and functions as the legislature for the student body’s concerns. Steur is the speaker of the Senate and acts as a unified voice for the different committees, voicing the concerns of the students on campus.

Where is your favorite place to study on campus and why?

“The Bassis Center is my absolute favorite place to study. The coffee shop atmosphere and excellent iced chai make it a great place to write papers—especially with good company.”

If you could tell the first-year students one nugget of wisdom for college, what would it be?

“I think that first-year students should become comfortable with failing. College is a great time to make mistakes before entering ‘the real world.’ Ultimately, spend your time here learning from your failures, and you will be all the better for it.”  

What you are most looking forward to this 2015–2016 year?

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people.”

What is your favorite part about the Westminster community?

How understanding and nice everyone is. People on campus legitimately care and listen to one another.”

ICC President: Ian Troost

The head of the Inter-Club Council oversees all of the clubs and organizations on campus.

If you could tell the first-year students one nugget of wisdom for college, what would it be?

“My nugget of wisdom would be to try and be as positive as possible every day. There will be good days and bad days in a new environment, but positivity attracts positive people, which leads to a better first-year experience.”

What is your favorite restaurant to eat at in the Sugar House area?

“My favorite restaurant to eat at would be the Flatbread Pizzeria.”

What is your favorite part about the Westminster community?

“It is easy to interact with a wide-variety of people, regardless of one’s particular interests. Everyone is willing to listen to you and help you if you need it, regardless of their major, interests, where they’re from, etc.”

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

“I’d want to be able to stretch my body out, like Mrs.Incredible. I’d be able to shut the lights off in my bedroom without getting out of bed.”

SAC President: Sarah Hirning

The SAC president is responsible for planning, organizing and overseeing all events, activities and programs for the students of Westminster College and the greater campus community.

In programming these events, the SAC president works closely with the director of programming and their team, consisting of seven chairs and seven associate chairs.

What is your favorite place to grab a coffee or tea at in Sugar House?

“I am rarely spotted without a coffee or tea in hand. Sugar House Coffee, they are nearby, is open late and offers a student discount. Perfect for those late-night study sessions.”

What are you most looking forward to this year with SAC?

“Meeting new students, connecting with returning students and creating memorable events. I have a fantastic team and am really looking forward to working with them. They have great ideas and energy, and I can’t wait to see what the year brings.”

If you could tell the first-year students one nugget of wisdom for college, what would it be?

“Get involved. Westminster offers so many great opportunities for students ranging from internships and research to clubs and outdoor recreation. I guarantee everyone can find their niche on campus if they check out what the college offers outside of the classroom.”

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