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Sugar House walkway brought to light

Guests seated underneath the lights enjoy the Mellow Mushroom’s outside dining. This lighted walkway is located between 1100 E. and McClelland St. in Sugar House. Photos by Nicole Gamble

What’s bright, beautiful and hidden? Here’s a hint: it’s located in Sugar House.

During this past year, Sugar House underwent construction on 2100 S. between 1100 E. and McClelland St. to create more sidewalk area. After construction was finished, hanging lights were added to a previously plain walkway.

The walkway is located between the Mellow Mushroom and The Annex by Epic Brewing, allowing for people to easily park and walk around.

Although this hidden wonder isn’t initially recognized, that doesn’t mean it’s gone unnoticed. 

For instance, ask Megan Nelson and Vivian Bentley, two women found by the walkway one evening.

“I feel like it’s a hidden treat for the eye,” Nelson said. “I actually know friends who’ve taken pictures in front of it.”

Before commenting, Bentley spent a minute observing the walkway in front of her.

“I like lights; they’re just nice,” said Bentley, looking at the display.

Nelson and Bentley aren’t the only ones who spent their evening appreciating the view.

“I drive down here just to come eat and sit outside,” said Laurie Peterson, a South Jordan local visiting Sugar House.

Peterson stood by as her daughter played in the water next to the walkway.

“I think [Sugar House] is getting better,” Peterson said.

After the sun goes down, grab a bite to eat and swing by this ‘hidden treat’ to discover what people are talking about.

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