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Growing from its roots

Created over a year ago in the depths of the photo lab—over the course of many late nights—Root Magazine is now in its second year, and it is moving stronger than before.

“[Root] is an outlet for expression and offers a way for those individuals who fill their own niche to share their experience,” said Emily Senkosky, Root’s first curator and now-graduated communication major.

It offers a creative outlet for Westminster students that may not necessarily know where to share some of their art, said Senkosky.

A teaser of the cover of Root Magazine's upcoming edition—due later this September. Photo courtesy Root Magazine

A teaser of the cover of Root Magazine’s upcoming edition—due later this September. Photo courtesy Root Magazine

“This issue is shaping up to be as unpredictable as the last,” said Senkosky, “and the last issue cast a wide net, including many different kinds of creative expressionists.”

Ranging from film and digital photography to storytelling, paintings and drawings, Root offers the community a diverse showcasing of what Westminster students are currently working on inside and outside of classroom walls.

“I had people coming up to me throughout the semester last year asking how they could get involved with the next issue,” Senkosky said. For this upcoming issue, seven new contributors, coined roots, have stepped up to the plate to offer new content and styling.

Root allows the community to see a portfolio of work from multi-talented students on the Westminster campus. Because Westminster is heavily involved within the community, Root Magazine offers a platform to students who want to expand their reach off campus grounds in order to allow them development with a career post-graduation.

“This publication was meant to evolve alongside its contributors, “ said Senkosky, “and hopefully that vision will continue to be fulfilled.”

Many communities see the work produced by students involved with this ever-evolving project. The first issue of Root was made available at most coffee shops and restaurants in Sugar House, Downtown Salt Lake City, and Park City.

Look out for this next issue of Root in the coming weeks. It will be littered around campus for the taking and around the locations listed prior.

If interested in getting involved with this ongoing project, contact Emily Senkosky at

Follow the progress of this next issue at

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