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Dogs of Westminster

The Forum photography team found students and faculty with their dogs around campus and wanted to find out more about their furry friends.

See the dogs of Westminster here:

Profesor: Katie Ferbank
Department: Chemistry
Breed: Shelter mutt
Age: 6 years old

Student: Allie Nannini
Major: Communication
Year: Senior
Breed: Lab mix
Age: 3 years old
“She helps me focus when I try to do work,” Nannini said. “She makes me want to go home to her instead of hanging around campus.”

Professor: Clayton
Department: Ceramics
Breed: Boxer
Age: 12 years old

Professor: Dr. Susan Arsh
Department: Management
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 12 years old

Student: Kirby Kelly
Major: Justice Science
Breed: Smooth Boarder Collie
Age: 4 months old

Student: Zander
Major: BBA
Year: Junior
Breed: Pomeranian American Eskimo mix

Age: 4 years old

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  1. Nice to see good photographs. It seems Westminster people are true dog lovers. Their dogs are well tamed and trained. Thanks for sharing the blog.


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