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Westminster theatre department hosts One Act Festival

Grab your lunches and head to the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts for Westminster Theatre Department’s annual student-directed One Act Festival.

Performances continue April 15 at noon, followed by an evening performance with all of the shows on Friday at 7:30 p.m. All shows are free.

Shows that debuted on April 14 include:

Photos courtesy the Westminster Theatre Department

Photos courtesy the Westminster Theatre Department


Directed by Suni Gigliotti and Michael Bossart

“The Bear” is one of Chekhov’s one-act comedies. Typically, we think of Chekhov’s works to be very heavy and serious—full of philosophizing—and all too often forget just how funny his writing is. “The Bear,” though heavy in its exploration of the deep mourning (and stubbornness) of Popova for her dead husband, is wildly hilarious when an intrusive Smirnoff barges into her home demanding she pay the debts her late husband owed him. He disobeys Popova’s order for him to leave and finds an enemy in her old servant, Luka, until he eventually challenges Popova to a duel. The two get caught up in the challenge and find more than they were looking for. 


Directed by Cassidy Carson

In this dark comedy by Walter Wykes, we find a young man named Dan on a date with the sweet and caring Emma and a girl from his past. For some time now, Dan has struggled with the death of his wife, Liz, but tonight he is trying to move on. As the night winds down and his date comes to a close, we will find out if Dan can overcome his painful memories and guilt or if his feelings will ruin more than just the evening


Directed by Tyler Palo and Amy Blommer

We always ask, “Why can’t romance movies be more like real life?” Well, maybe they are, but the credits just roll a little too soon. “The Sequel,” by Percival Wilde, explores what happens after the “Yes, Jack” that ultimately leads to the “This isn’t going to work out, Jack.” Come join some zany characters on a roller coaster of romance, humor, deception and volcanic anger.


Directed by Merry Magee

Finding himself alone in a strange apartment, Will happens upon his girlfriend’s roommate and discovers that we’re more than our first impressions. Written by Westminster student and award-winning playwright Max Huftalin, this original piece balances poignant sincerity with a witty sitcom feel.

Shows that will debut on April 15 include:


Directed by Courtney Rae-Reinecke and Nicole Brown

A contemporary comedy about an off-kilter couple desperately searching for godparents for their newborn infant. Little do they know that the friends they’ve chosen are less than adventurous diners and on the verge of a divorce.


Directed by Scott Basmadjian and Allisyn Thompson

In “The M Word,” two ambitious executives, who happen to be a couple, decide they are good for each other and proceed to negotiate a future together. As they’re so caught up in the corporate lifestyle, they also get caught up in their “negotiation.”


Directed by Bibek Neupane

“In this 20-minute one-act play, a defense lawyer cross-examines a woman during her testimony in a sexual assault case—and, in doing so, horribly distorts her perfectly innocent walk in the park.” – Arlene Hutton

Editor’s note: Dannielle Moriondo is a theatre minor

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