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Best Professor of Arts and Sciences: A friendly goodbye to Rulon Wood

Photo by Rachel Robertson

Photo by Rachel Robertson

Entering an office up a few flights of stairs in Foster Hall, students can expect an experience. The wall is cluttered with degrees, a Diet Coke or two, multiple computer monitors and then, there in the middle of it all, is Ru.

Rulon Wood, commonly known on campus as “Ru,” is a Utah native and lover of all things academia. He has been teaching for over 16 years. Also he currently has a bachelor’s degree, three master’s degrees and a doctorate Ph.D degree.

Ru teaches in both the undergraduate communication program and in the graduate area in the Master of Strategic Communication program.

Peter Kirk, custom major, said, “It’s a treat taking a class with Ru.”

Kirk is currently in a directed studies program under Ru and works with him as an adviser. Outside of school, though, Kirk works with Ru on a computer project for refugees in the Salt Lake area for apparel company Cotopaxi.

Ru has a passion for humanitarian work, according to his students.

“All of our class projects are focused on a cause or humanitarian theme,” said Hannah Baybutt, senior communication major. Baybutt said, alone in this semester’s multimedia course, she has had a project geared toward multiple different local and international non-profits.

Baybutt has taken multiple classes from Ru and said what she’ll miss most is his overall being and energy.

Ru is leaving Westminster College after summer 2016 to further pursue his teaching and academia dreams at Boise State University.

Ru said the thing he’ll miss most about teaching Westminster is the students and their passion.

“I really love that moment when I see a spark of curiosity in a young person’s eyes for me that makes it all worthwhile,” Ru said.

The communication department will miss his energy, raw unscripted ways and knack for all things multimedia.

Ru gave his big grin and said the one thing he’s excited for in Boise is that he has one year eligibility left for the football team.

“I’m going to tryout for the Boise State football team,” Ru said and chuckled. “From what I’ve heard their football team is pretty good. And I’m fast I’ve been timing myself on the 40 [40 yard dash].”

Whether or not Ru makes the football team, Boise is lucky to receive such a passionate, student devoted professor in its communication program.

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