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Best Vegetarian Joint and Coffee House: Sugar House Coffee

File photo from August 2015 by Rachel Robertson

File photo from August 2015 by Rachel Robertson

Although Sugar House Coffee (SHC) is known for its assortment of teas and fairtrade coffee, it also provides customers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. The eclectic environment in SHC boasts local artists’ work and a piano that is open to the public to play any time during the day.

The live music is hit or miss, depending if you enjoy jazz or not. I do suggest attending the open mic (just from the perspective of a struggling artist).

The menu includes items such as freshly made acai bowls (make sure to ask for extra granola), homemade vegan chili and numerous vegan pastries and donuts. Somehow, vegan desserts taste better than regular ones, and its vegan cinnamon rolls prove this fact.

Sarah Lewis, a vegan and regular customer at SHC, said, “The vegan chili is bomb, and I always get a cinnamon roll to follow it up.”

Beware of the long lines on weekends, though; sometimes the line is out the door.

Sugar House Coffee (SHC) also boasts a diverse coffee, tea and juice menu. Rimini Coffee, a local roasting company, is its coffee source and all of SHC’s food is from local venders or made in-house.

Claire Brown, sophomore public health major, suggests the dirty chai.

“It’s the best, especially with two shots of espresso,” she said.

SHC’s tea selection is vast, and I suggest getting a matcha green tea with soy milk. Another customer favorite is the sunny slopes tea, if you’re into more fruity flavors.

This coffee shop has gotten popular, so a study sesh on the weekend isn’t recommended. All of the baristas are either friendly, funny or both. The walls are lined with local art, and wifi is free.

You’ll definitely leave SHC feeling better about life. Students can utilize their student IDs for discounts, too.

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