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Allen Park, aka ‘Hobbitville,’ to turn into public art park

FILE PHOTO: A locked fence blocks the entrance of Allen Park, which locals refer to as ‘Hobbitville’ on Jan. 26. Salt Lake City announced it would turn the park into a public art park, according to an article by the Salt Lake Tribune. (Photo by Joshua Messier)

Salt Lake City officially obtained a contract to turn Allen Park into a public art park, according to an article in The Salt Lake Tribune.

This development comes a little over a year after the owner of the park, George Allen, died and all the tenants were evicted. Until now, the future of the park was unclear, but the surrounding Sugar House community pushed for preservation, according to an article by The Forum.

Salt Lake City purchased the property for $7.5 million, according to the Tribune. The property will be turned into a public art park, with much of the original Allen Park icons preserved. 

The park is located right across the street from Westminster College on 1300 East, running along Emigration Creek. Originally established as a bird sanctuary in the 1930s by George Allen, the park served as a refuge for residents to protect them against a growing city.

After the city evicted residents last January, nearby neighbors were worried the land would be used to further develop the city. But with this new announcement, it’s put some worries to rest.

The Tribune said the city plans to preserve the artwork and quotations that are scattered around the park as well as many of the buildings, some of which have been standing since the 1930s. One of the buildings that will be preserved is the Allen house which will be turned into a visitor center. 

According to the Tribune, the total incorporation of the art park will take about five years to complete.

The city also plans on preserving and protecting the peafowl habitat that is in Allen Park. So rest assured, Westminster College students will still be able to hear the shrieks of peacocks late at night.


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