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ASW appoints new executive creative director

Westminster College sophomore CK Padayao works at a computer in the ASW Creative office Jan. 21. Padayo was appointed as the new executive creative director for ASW Creative at the beginning of Spring semester, being promoted from his position as the senior designer. (Alexys Smith)

ASW appointed a new executive creative director to the student government team at the beginning of the Spring semester, after the previous student who held the position stepped down.

ASW appointed Westminster College sophomore CK Padayao who manages the design projects completed by ASW Creative. These projects include branding for student clubs and other advertising needs on campus. 

Before they became the ASW executive creative director, Padayo worked as the senior designer for the Creative team, leading most of the design projects. 

ASW Creative social media manager, Rebekah Caldwell, said she understands the commitment of the position, as she gets a firsthand glimpse working with the ASW executive creative director. 

“You have to manage what everyone else is doing and make sure that everyone is doing their job,” Caldwell said. 

Katie Perry said she also works closely with ASW Creative through her role as the club president of NAMI, the mental health health club on campus.  

“To be the director means to listen to the student’s needs and realize that everyone has busy schedules, and time manage well enough to prioritize certain art projects over others,” Perry said. 

The Forum sat down with CK Padayao to discuss their adjustment into the new role as ASW executive creative director. Some answers have been lightly edited for clarity and conciseness.

Q: What is ASW Creative to you?

A: ASW Creative’s purpose is to support ASW clubs and events. We do our best to make sure we design posters, PNGs for the digital screens and advertisements for those who request them. 

Q: How would you describe your experience working with ASW Creative?

A: I have been here since 2018 and I have seen it go through many transitions. When I was a freshman everyone was a senior but one other person. And this person at the time already decided to work off-campus full-time. So, I was the only one […]  that wasn’t new. 

Q: What does it mean to you to be the executive creative director?

A: For me, it is a new thing because ever since high school I have only ever been a designer on someone else’s team. Having this opportunity to showcase leadership and being a resource for other designers on the team is great. It’s a little strange, but I personally enjoy it. 

Q: What is the process when ASW Creative receives a project?

A: First, it starts off with an Ad Request form. From there, I assign it to a designer or myself to take on the project. It is up to the designer to have open communication with the person who submitted the request. For example, they may send a draft to receive feedback and get approval. 

Q: What is it like working with ASW Clubs?

A: I really want to make sure with clubs that I stick to the deadline and keep open communication with them. So nothing gets lost and they get everything they need. I want to make sure we are able to fulfill everything we can on our end.  

Q: What are your goals as the new executive creative director for ASW Creative this semester?

A: For me personally, I want to be able to support the other ASW branches. I really want to do a good job at communicating with all the branches, especially clubs and events because we receive the most requests from them. I want to make sure that everyone who sends in a request gets everything they need like posters and their photos up on social media. 


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Alexys Smith is a senior studying communication. She is excited to learn more about managing a budget and work with outside campus organizations. You can find her doing yoga, making short films, and talking with her family.

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