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ASW holds special election for clubs president virtually

ASW is holding its special election for the clubs president position virtually on Canvas, after classes have been moved online for the rest of Spring semester. Candidates adapted to the remote election, campaigning on social media accounts rather than with posters on campus during a regular election.

Voting to elect next year’s student board closed at the end of February, with all but one of the elected positions being filled. No students ran for the position of clubs president, initiating a special election to fill the spot.

Special elections are held when ASW needs to fill a position outside the regular election. Typically, this happens when someone steps down from their position in the middle of an academic year.

The process works the same way as regular elections — candidates have the opportunity to campaign in the days leading up to the voting period, where students will vote on Canvas. The only difference is that students will have a shorter voting period.

Voting closes Friday and winners will be announced by the end of that day. There are two candidates running for the elected position.

The Forum talked to each of the candidates to learn more about their platforms. All interviews were done via email because of the short campaign period. 

Some answers have been lightly edited for conciseness and clarity.

Dwain Worrell

Why did you decide to run for ASW?

I decided to run for ASW Clubs President because I want to be able to give more students the chance to find their community through clubs the same way I did with the Black Student Union.

I also decided to run for ASW Clubs President because I saw a lot of clubs fall apart throughout this school year, and I want to change that and build clubs back up from where they were.

What previous experience do you have in any capacity that you believe will help you in this position?

(Photo courtesy Dwain Worrell)

For starters, I was voted by my peers to be a Student Body Officer my junior and senior of high school. I also was named a captain three years in a row for my high school track and field team.

Lastly, I am the current sectary for the Black Student Union here at Westminster College, helping re-brand and rebuild the Black Student Union’s club.

It’s helped me build my leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Which will come in handy when dealing with as many people as you do be ASW Clubs President.

What goals or priorities do you want to focus on as candidate or potentially the elected Clubs President?

My number one goal as ASW Clubs President is helping students build a community. With that being said, my priorities as ASW Clubs President if I am elected will be helping clubs become better at marketing, helping clubs build their community up and making sure that club leaders understand where they are financially.

Is there anything you wish you could’ve done differently in previous roles, that you hope to include in your time as Clubs President?

Honestly, there isn’t anything that I felt like I would change in my time positioned in those leadership roles because I gave my best effort. I did have my mistakes, but I continue to learn from those mistakes and became a better person and leader after.

If I am elected Clubs President I promise to continue to learn and give my best efforts to become the best Clubs President I can be.

What is something you want voters to know about you and your campaign?

I want voters to know that I put in a lot of thought in this campaign and am very passionate about becoming ASW Clubs President. When I first came to Westminster, I wasn’t a part of any clubs and felt a bit lost.

After the first semester, I found the Black Student Union club and ever since then, I found my community. I want other students to find their community the same way I did and improve their overall college experience.

With helping build the Black Student it taught me the struggles of being one of the leaders of a developing club that is trying to bring attendance. That is why I feel like I am best for the job because I’ve seen all the views when it comes to clubs and can relate to every position of the spectrum.

In conclusion, I would be extremely honored if I was voted in as ASW Clubs President and promise to give it my all.

Isaac Landau

Why did you decide to run for ASW Clubs President?

(Photo courtesy Isaac Landau)

Our community at Westminster is fortunate to benefit from the presence of a variety of clubs that cater to individuals with myriad interests. However, I believe that it is important that we continue to develop their presence and community-building capacity on campus.

I am running for ASW Clubs President because of my passion for developing Westminster’s community and because I believe that I am uniquely qualified to serve my peers in this capacity.

I am grateful that Westminster has given me so many opportunities to get engaged with such a vibrant community. I believe that there is no better way to express that gratitude than by ensuring that all of our new and current students are afforded these opportunities.

Westminster’s clubs have a unique capacity to promote this goal by their unification of extracurricular and academic interests, and I hope that as ASW Clubs President I can continue to develop their role on campus.

What previous experience do you have in any capacity that you believe will help you in this position?

During high school, I served two years on student council as Junior Class President and Student Body President. In these capacities, I developed my abilities to communicate clearly and effectively, consider and evaluate multiple points of view, and organize my colleagues in a way best suited to achieve the objectives at hand.

I currently serve as a GO-Leader and an Honors Peer Mentor. In both of these positions, I am constantly in contact with my peers which gives me the unique ability to ensure that I serve them as best I can as ASW Clubs President.

What goals or priorities do you want to focus on as a candidate or the potentially elected Clubs President?

My main goal is to promote student engagement and dialogue between clubs. I believe that we can achieve this by encouraging clubs to co-sponsor events on campus. As Clubs President, I would give priority to co-sponsored club events when applying for event funding.

I believe that creating these bridges between clubs and groups with different interests will promote understanding between a diversity of students and enrich Westminster’s community.

Is there anything you wish you could’ve done differently in previous roles, that you hope to include in your time as Clubs President?

I wish that I could have reached more people. My high school had a small student body, and my position was therefore by nature limited in its outreach. At Westminster, I have the opportunity to connect with a larger community and serve more of my peers; I hope that I will be able to do so as Clubs President.

Are there things you want to see more prioritized in student government?

Westminster has so much to offer, but it seems that there is often a lack of emphasis on making these opportunities known and available to the student body. It is, of course, senseless to invest in these resources if nobody utilizes them.

Through my plan of bringing people together through co-sponsorship of club events, I believe I can ameliorate this problem.

What is something you want voters to know about you and your campaign?

I have several ideas that I believe, if implemented, would make ASW Clubs better. However, I believe that these ideas are rendered a disservice without the input of other students.

I have found in my experience that people are often too shy to express their ideas to members of ASW. I want to make being approachable and welcoming a key part of my campaign that I may better serve the student body.

I want to hear all voices and everyone’s ideas. Collectively we are better equipped to make a difference.

Anything else you want to mention that I didn’t ask about?

If you have any questions for me, you can find me working at the Environmental Center, the Art Department or the Chemistry Department.


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