Author: Emma Deloughery

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Wind

Air is after me now? Have you been outside recently? It’s brutal out there.So what is it? Simply put, the flow of gases. Gases are a state of matter defined by a large separation between individual molecules, which usually makes them appear colorless. Winds on Earth are concerned with the flow of air. Air, which is made up of many different molecules, flows due to differences in atmospheric pressu...

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Crystals

What are they? Crystals are solid materials with components that are arranged in ordered structures. These structures form a crystal lattice, a series of repeating units, that extends in all directions. Even though the structure is at the microscopic level, you can usually identify crystals with your eyes based on their shape and the orientation of their flat sides.

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Sodium

That’s the stuff I’m not supposed to eat too much of.Sodium is one half of table salt, sodium chloride. It’s an element, meaning it can’t be broken down into smaller parts without losing its properties. One of those properties is the tendency to acquire a positive charge. In sodium chloride, sodium has the positive charge while chloride is negative.

What is it and why does it want to kill me? DTVs

I’m no fan of acronyms in general, but why is this specific one after me? DVT stands for deep-vein thrombosis, where your blood spontaneously forms a clot inside your vein.That sounds like something that happens to old people. It’s something that happens to sedentary people. If your blood isn't moving, the proteins that form clots can become activated and just form a clot.