Administration & Student Government

ASW Election Guide: Meet the students running for government

Campaigning for ASW elections began Monday for students to elect the student government board. There are seven candidates running for the five elected positions.  Voting opens Thursday and will b...Read More

ASW Election Guide: Candidates begin campaigning under rules and guidelines

Students running for ASW positions for the 2020-21 school year began campaigning this week, after the final deadline to submit intent was Monday at noon.  There are a total of seven students runn...Read More

ASW Election Guide: Voting opens Thursday — how does it work?

Voting for ASW elections to fill the 2020-21 student board opens Thursday, with students finalizing campaign plans earlier this week. Westminster College students can vote for their preferred candidat...Read More

Students feel pressure as aviation major approaches end date

Westminster College students in the aviation major are beginning to feel pressure as they near the official end-date of the program. The program will end in the Spring semester of 2021, so there is no...Read More

Westminster students form student union unaffiliated with institution

The student organization Westmini Students Speak Out announced their “tuition-protest specific coalition” has moved to a “broadly defined student union,” according to the group on Instagram Jan. 16. N...Read More

Tuition increase causes family tension for some

Over winter break, students had the opportunity to talk about the tuition increase with their parents and family members. Some families pay or help pay for their student’s tuition and say they share t...Read More

ASW appoints new executive creative director

ASW appointed a new executive creative director to the student government team at the beginning of the Spring semester, after the previous student who held the position stepped down. ASW appointed Wes...Read More

Westminster College holds live radio broadcast for MLK Week

The MLK Community Conversation kicked off Westminster College’s 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Series: a week of celebration to honor the doctor’s legacy. The first event of the week was a ...Read More

Students crowd outside faculty meeting to protest tuition increase

Over 120 students silently lined the outside walkways leading up to Gore School of Business Friday afternoon, where a scheduled faculty meeting would take place.  Students held signs protesting h...Read More

ASW Senate passes multiple legislation, including support for the Equal Rights Amendment

ASW Senate gathered in the Health, Wellness and Activity Center (HWAC) Monday night for its fourth and final meeting of the Fall semester.  Senate presented several pieces of legislation, includi...Read More

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