Administration & Student Government

Meet the candidates running for ASW positions in 2022

ASW is hosting the 2022 election cycle and filling the positions of president, Vice President and clubs president. There are five students running for the three positions.  ASW Candidates for 202...Read More

Westminster adapts to low enrollment

“I would never want to see our population grow so much that we lost the sense of personal connection, opportunity for students, small class sizes, all those things that make Westminster [College] part...Read More

ASW strategizes to increase interest in student government positions

Campaigning for the ASW 2022–23 election began Feb. 23 after ASW members strategized to increase interest for students to take up candidate positions. “For ASW, I think a government that is stagnant i...Read More

ASW releases budget, plans for financial code revision

In November 2021, ASW reported their budget for the 2021-22 academic year with certain line items zeroed out. This has initiated a revision in the ASW financial code, due to a lack of funds from low e...Read More

New Appointed ASW Vice President Gaeble Jones confirmed Jan. 31

After previous Vice President Deaun Saxby graduated December 2021, ASW president and senior communication major Brendan Sudberry appointed Saxby’s successor.  This follows what is laid out in the...Read More

Westminster announces Spring COVID-19 updates, flexible start to semester

Westminster College announced the first two weeks of Spring semester will “be flexible” to mitigate the impact of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, according to the COVID updates webpage. Professors ma...Read More

Westminster implements revised course evaluation instrument to elicit more objective feedback

In the 2021 Spring semester, Westminster College implemented a revised course evaluation instrument after faculty voted to amend the previous survey-based evaluation system Oct. 2020, according to Wes...Read More

Westminster Town Hall talks about COVID-19 booster shots, new normal

Westminster College students, staff and faculty met during an ASW Town Hall Oct. 26 to discuss questions regarding the future of Westminster in relation to COVID-19 pandemic. The Town Hall took place ...Read More

New Disability Justice program sparks conversation of inaccessibility on campus

Disability Justice is a new program under the Student Diversity Inclusion Center created by Westminster College students who noticed campus is inaccessible for disabled students. The program hopes to ...Read More

ASW events rebuild Westminster community

ASW Events President and sophomore neuroscience major Ashlee Szwedko said this year’s focus for ASW events is on tradition and partners from the Westminster College community. With a drop in attendanc...Read More