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Allen Park, aka ‘Hobbitville,’ to turn into public art park

Salt Lake City officially obtained a contract to turn Allen Park into a public art park, according to an article in The Salt Lake Tribune. This development comes a little over a year after the owner o...Read More

Skateboarding becomes more inclusive as women create community groups, say Westminster skateboarders

As a kid, Kyra Teply dreamed of surfing as she watched Lilo & Stitch in her living room. However, there were two problems: she didn’t know how to surf and she didn’t live by the ocean.  To re...Read More

Young people are capable of more than posting on social media, activists say

Jamie Margolin, Saida Dahir and Karina Popovich are young, female activists. The women told audience members that youth are leading modern political and cultural movements at the Young Women Leading C...Read More

Art students push for more opportunities to display work

For Westminster College students studying art, the annual student art exhibit serves as one of the only sources on campus to share their work with the public. Some students say it isn’t enough, and be...Read More

Your art major might lead to a job after all, one graduate says

Westminster College offers many art classes including painting, photography, art history and more. Students in-and-out of art majors can enjoy the benefits of taking these classes.  For some stud...Read More

Students say social media expresses character, identity as new art form

Moving into a new generation of art and all the categories that come with it, students at Westminster College are seeing social media become its own art form.  Expression of character and identit...Read More

Opinion: Mx. Westminster is fun and more people should be doing it

As a first-year student, I attended as many on-campus events as possible. One night in February 2018, I convinced my sister to come with me to something called Mx. Westminster.  That night I saw ...Read More

Academic persona and fantasy character aren’t so different, says English professor

The student is the character. The consultant is the dungeon master. The piece of writing is the campaign. Together they make Dungeons and Dragons—or a trip to the Writing Center. Christopher LeCluyse,...Read More

Zodiac Cosmic ASW Drag Show shows drag is for everyone

Westminster hosted the ASW Drag Show Thursday night in the HWAC Special Events Room where performers showed drag is for everyone. “The whole idea of drag is to expose the ridiculousness of gender by s...Read More

Your vote matters so much that people try to take it away, documentary director says

You always hear, ”Why does it matter if I vote?” Well, it matters that much because people are trying to take away your right to vote, says documentary director Loki Mulholland.  Mulholland, writ...Read More

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