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Opinion: Mx. Westminster is fun and more people should be doing it

As a first-year student, I attended as many on-campus events as possible. One night in February 2018, I convinced my sister to come with me to something called Mx. Westminster.  That night I saw ...Read More

Academic persona and fantasy character aren’t so different, says English professor

The student is the character. The consultant is the dungeon master. The piece of writing is the campaign. Together they make Dungeons and Dragons—or a trip to the Writing Center. Christopher LeCluyse,...Read More

Zodiac Cosmic ASW Drag Show shows drag is for everyone

Westminster hosted the ASW Drag Show Thursday night in the HWAC Special Events Room where performers showed drag is for everyone. “The whole idea of drag is to expose the ridiculousness of gender by s...Read More

Your vote matters so much that people try to take it away, documentary director says

You always hear, ”Why does it matter if I vote?” Well, it matters that much because people are trying to take away your right to vote, says documentary director Loki Mulholland.  Mulholland, writ...Read More

Dream from 1963 impacts community in 2020

Westminster College community members rallied Monday morning to march through Sugar House for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Dr. Tamara Stevenson, chief diversity officer, greeted the rally members as th...Read More

Westminster student creates first Spanish-speaking Shakespeare team in Utah

Everyone knows William Shakespeare for his iambic pentameter and forbidden love stories. However, many play-watchers and theater enthusiasts are only familiar with these works in the English language....Read More

Florence J. Gillmor Hall to break ground Spring semester

In 2017, Westminster College announced it would be expanding the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts with the Florence J. Gillmor Hall to better accommodate the number of students and programs that ...Read More

Virtual reality documentary ‘Traveling While Black’ creates immersive experience

Walking into a 50s-style diner and donning a video headset is not how the typical documentary begins.  The scene within this particular headset opens in a dimly-lit theater with gentle piano musi...Read More

How streaming services change the way you consume media

Streaming services changed how people consume media by introducing binge-watching, affecting if people go to the movie theaters and causing people to share passwords instead of purchasing their own ac...Read More

How conversations about diversity can change our theatre program

The Westminster College theatre program has made many attempts to be more inclusive and involve diversity, but it could be better, according to Nina Vought, an associate professor in the theatre progr...Read More