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English professor shares value of otherness in poetry series

Natasha Sajé, English professor at Westminster College, suggested that dedicated spaces for otherness in society are necessary in her Thursday evening poetry reading from her memoir “Terroir: Love Out...Read More

The Surreptitious World of Experimental Film with Tyrone Davies

After starting as a theater major in college, Tyrone Davies realized he didn’t want to be in production. Instead, he wanted to be the director of the production itself.  “I really liked organizin...Read More

Thanksgiving is a ‘myth,’ says member of the Sovereign Choctaw Nation

Roasted turkey, cranberry sauce and any type of potato one can think of — These foods all represent Thanksgiving for most Americans. As students approach the holiday season, it’s important to un...Read More

Students express mixed feelings about removal of Fall break

One of the biggest schedule changes for Westminster College this semester has been the removal of its weeklong Fall break in mid-October. However, the break was removed this year to prevent mid-semest...Read More

Westminster student re-establishes discontinued art club on campus

Harris Wright, a senior at Westminster College, re-established Westminster’s Art Crowd (WAC): An art club she originally started two years ago before taking a semester-long leave of absence.  Wri...Read More

Good horror is feminist because being marginalized is scary

When people tell me they don’t like horror movies, or that horror movies aren’t feminist, I understand where they’re coming from. Some of the genre’s tropes include valuing virgin women and killing th...Read More

Dancing in the dark: Westminster dancers create way to perform during pandemic

When the pandemic hit, many in-person dance classes turned into online Zoom links. Group performances were soon solo practice. Large performances were suddenly canceled.   “We went so long w...Read More

Halloween challenges: Here’s how some students plan to celebrate

COVID-19 has changed day-to-day life the world over, continuing to alter years’ old traditions. The latest victim: Halloween. For college students, Halloween generally means a weekend full of lively p...Read More

Students, professors adopt new online classroom etiquette

There was a time when classroom etiquette included wearing shoes, actively listening when someone was speaking and choosing jeans over pajamas. Today, however, online classes are switching up those lo...Read More

Art professors adapt to the pandemic

While Westminster College students were on summer break, art professors carefully planned the Fall semester as the school announced its plan for in-person classes.  As Westminster began the semes...Read More

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