Beyond Campus

Dream from 1963 impacts community in 2020

Westminster College community members rallied Monday morning to march through Sugar House for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Dr. Tamara Stevenson, chief diversity officer, greeted the rally members as th...Read More

Westminster student creates first Spanish-speaking Shakespeare team in Utah

Everyone knows William Shakespeare for his iambic pentameter and forbidden love stories. However, many play-watchers and theater enthusiasts are only familiar with these works in the English language....Read More

Virtual reality documentary ‘Traveling While Black’ creates immersive experience

Walking into a 50s-style diner and donning a video headset is not how the typical documentary begins.  The scene within this particular headset opens in a dimly-lit theater with gentle piano musi...Read More

Westminster alum inspired to work at small community

While spending some of her education in the public school system and some in the private school system, Angela Crossman found herself loving the idea of a small community. Crossman, now a 49-year-old ...Read More

How the Hong Kong protests are affecting your life in the U.S.

While protests in Hong Kong have largely stayed within its borders, they have had far-reaching effects on the world — including the United States. Many U.S. businesses and organizations are not allowi...Read More

Impeachment 101: What you need to know

The U.S. House of Representatives voted Thursday to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, bringing the behind-the-doors investigation into the public eye.  Spea...Read More

Elaborate costumes, heavy makeup, broken arms: Inside the life of haunted house actors

Several customers wind down the dark hallways, squinting their eyes through heavy smoke to prepare themselves for the next jump scare.  They walk past a wooden wall with uneven holes carved out a...Read More

Westminster reacts to California Governor allowing NCAA athletes to earn money

In a world where college athletes are praised by fans, few make it to the professional level where they would be paid for playing. The debate on whether college athletes should be paid for their time ...Read More

Keeping up with the skiers: Westminster community prepares for winter skiing in unexpected ways

Skiing glaciers, scouting backcountry locations and hiking 14 miles to find some snow — several Westminster College skiers are dedicated to keeping up with the winter sport all year long. To them, the...Read More

Solitude Resort’s parking charge won’t disrupt season, according to student skiers

Solitude resort will now charge $20 for parking in an effort to lower emissions by encouraging people to take buses and carpool up the canyon.  Many think this announcement was sudden and unneces...Read More