Beyond Campus

Notre Dame fire: a tremendous lost, an opportunity

Details are slowly coming in after the devastating fire that happened at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15. An CNN article reported the most likely cause of the fire was an electrical shor...Read More

Spring brings different energy, outdoor opportunities to Utah according to community

Although Utah is known for its winter weather and activities, as spring arrives, students at Westminster College said the warmer season opens up more opportunities to get outside. Salt Lake City is ho...Read More

Brewers say stronger beer law will increase competition, creativity for local breweries

Utah passed legislation to make 4% beer content by weight (or 5% by volume) available in grocery stores Nov. 1. This will give Utahns access to a wider variety of beer choices which will increase comp...Read More

Westminster pushes initiative against excessive use of plastic straws

Bon Appétit, Westminster College’s primary food vendor, is fighting against the unnecessary use of single-use plastic, along with many other businesses in Utah and across the U.S., by removing plastic...Read More

Salt Lake City gets head-start on Olympic skateboarding industry

Salt Lake City further strengthens its connection to the Olympics by hosting a world championship skateboarding event and making plans to build an Olympic-caliber skateboard park. The city is schedule...Read More

Cancelation of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ at Grand Theatre is a lost opportunity said Westminster students, faculty

Westminster College students and adjunct faculty have been left without their roles in the Grande Theatre’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” after recent cease and desist letters were sent out by Broadway. The...Read More

Revival of Dungeons & Dragons provides Westminster community with unique storytelling opportunity

You’re walking in the forest and you hear a strange noise, you pause listening for whatever it might be. The forest remains quiet and you begin walking again, suddenly a zombie appears in front of you...Read More

Interlodges keep skiers indoors while resort staff address avalanche dangers

The 4 a.m. alarm rings. You jump out of bed, grab your gear, and drive a four-wheel-drive car up Little Cottonwood  Canyon in hopes of beating the 5:30 a.m. road closure. Your car wipers can’t mo...Read More

‘You’re a derby girl now:’ student finds community through roller derby

In a converted warehouse at 6 p.m. on a Wednesday night, a group of women and some men learn how to play roller derby with Wasatch Roller Derby in Salt Lake City. They put on their protective gear, kn...Read More

Libraries still relevant in the face of technological change

Libraries are still important community resources despite changes in how people get their information and subsequent budget cuts, according to librarians. Public library’s budgets have been on the dec...Read More