Incoming ASW student board shares their professional, personal goals for next year

The 2019-2020 ASW board was sworn in on April 15, and multiple members of the board sat down with The Forum to talk about their plans, hopes and goals for the upcoming year. All interviews were conduc...Read More

Class gifts evolve from monuments to financial donations to better impact future students, according to administration

The annual senior class gift is a way for students to leave their mark on the Westminster College campus and community. Physical monuments have been gifted in the past, however, for the last few years...Read More

Motivation, focus: former giant slalom athlete transfers his drive into successful academic career

Will Gregorak, a 28-year-old philosophy senior at Westminster College, was one of the best alpine ski racers in the world. By the time he was 23, he was ranked the 32 fastest giant slalom skier in the...Read More

Communication professor appointed Interim Chief Diversity Officer

Associate Professor Dr. Tamara Stevenson, a current professor of communication, has been hired as Westminster College’s Interim Chief Diversity Officer. Stevenson will be the second person to ever hol...Read More

Majors don’t matter, developing skills do, according to panelists

Westminster College students, faculty and staff engaged with local panelists to discuss why specific college majors do not matter. The event was hosted Wednesday in Malouf 201. The event was created b...Read More

Meet the man who helps Westminster bloom

As springtime comes to Westminster College, the dead branches, dried leaves and dreary remains of winter suddenly disappear and are replaced with full-grown peonies and fresh-cut hedges. Meet the man ...Read More

Going home to study abroad

Many students make the decision to study abroad during their undergraduate years in college. Unlike her peers traveling to different countries, Breanna Steggell, junior international relations major, ...Read More

Westminster student, U.S. Ski Team athlete struggles with knee injury – again

Carly Margulies, a sophomore at Westminster College studying psychology, has struggled with multiple knee injuries, putting her training on hold and setting her back from qualifying for the U.S. Olymp...Read More

Guest speaker shares a different look at the contributions of American Muslims

The Westminster College community gathered on Tuesday to hear a different take on Americans Muslims, connecting research and a personal stories to paint a whole picture. The presentation titled, “Musl...Read More

Westminster pushes initiative against excessive use of plastic straws

Bon Appétit, Westminster College’s primary food vendor, is fighting against the unnecessary use of single-use plastic, along with many other businesses in Utah and across the U.S., by removing plastic...Read More