Westminster Alum elevates importance of name identity via photography project

“Call Me by My Name,” a collage of portraits photographed by Westminster alum Janessa Ilada, raises awareness about the importance of names to Asian American and Pacific Islander’s identity, according...Read More

Immersive theatre draws Westminster’s audience into Victor Frankenstein’s world

Originally planned for six shows, Westminster College’s theatre arts program added an additional four shows to accommodate the audience’s desire to see an immersive rendition of “Frankenstein,” ...Read More

Veterans Day Ceremony honors past, present service members

Students, faculty, staff and the Center for Veteran and Military Services gathered to honor past and active service members during the Veterans Day Ceremony held Monday in Richer Commons. The ceremony...Read More

Westminster community emphasizes importance of Midterm elections

As Americans across the nation prepare to cast their ballot in the 2022 Midterm elections, Westminster College students, especially those who are out-of-state, have voting resources available to them,...Read More

Students climb to new heights with updated rock wall

Angular wood juts out in neat, modern patterns, dotted with multicolored plaster rocks, at the updated Bishop’s Wall in Westminster College’s Health, Wellness and Athletic Center. At the grand opening...Read More

Geek Fest opens doors for scientific opportunities

With recent comic conventions, like FanX in Utah, some might assume ‘Geek Fest’ at Westminster College would involve costumes and merchandise featuring famous pop culture icons.  The reality of G...Read More

Giovale Library is underused with lots of potential, according to circulation desk manager Mitzi Farnsworth

Giovale Library has resources for students that should be utilized more, according to circulation desk worker Mitzi Farnsworth, a 47-year-old history major. Farnsworth said she has worked at the libra...Read More

Westminster’s campus events see increased engagement, according to ASW Events President

Forum reporter Devin Logan discussed the increase in engagement for ASW events and how these activities bring the Westminster College community together with Denali Zebelean, the 2022–23 ASW events pr...Read More

Students get a new taste of Shaw

Upon entering Shaw Student Center, the atmosphere is starkly different from the 2020–22 academic years when COVID-19 safety measures limited dining options, according to Bon Appétit General Manager To...Read More

Students reflect on Westminster’s George Washington statue

Before any student from Stock Hall, Behnken Hall or Olwell Hall can walk to Westminster College’s residential parking lot, they must pass a 3 feet by 9 feet bust of George Washington’s expressionless ...Read More