Students practice self-care, make homemade soap bars for single mothers’ resource center

Students design bars of soap to kick off stigma-free week at Westminster College on Tuesday. Attendees created soap for themselves as well as making bars to donated to Women Helping Women, a project l...Read More

Community confused regarding perceived ‘wet campus’ alcohol policy

Although liquor is legally allowed on campus and at authorized, college-sponsored events, the Westminster College community seems unclear whether this makes Westminster a ‘wet campus.’ In a survey con...Read More

News about the Loo posters effective way to reach students, Career Center staff says

It’s Friday morning, and as Westminster College’s campus slowly fills up with students, faculty and staff, somebody is visiting every bathroom on campus to exchange 190 yellow “Career News in the Loo”...Read More

Westminster ‘Stars’ compete for charities, Planned Parenthood to receive proceeds

The Dumke Student theatre is dimly lit with an orange hue as audience members wait in anticipation for Dancing with the Stars on Saturday. Hosted by Westminster Theatre Society and Westminster Dance S...Read More

Gender-affirming wardrobe event helps people express identity organizers say

Colorful lights flashing, upbeat music playing, lively conversations and clothes, lots and lots of clothes. This was the backdrop of Westminster College’s gender affirming wardrobe event on Feb. 22 in...Read More

Ladies lacking at HWAC’s Ladies’ Climbing Hour

Attendance of women at Ladies’ Climbing Hour at Westminster College’s Health, Wellness and Athletic Center (HWAC) has remained low, according to climbing wall staff. Women’s Climbing Hour takes place ...Read More

Presenter draws connection from manic pixie dream girl trope to violence against women with mental illness

She’s whimsical. She’s captivating. She’s completely attached, completely aloof, dissociative, hyper-sexual, manic, impulsive, charismatic and eccentric. She is the manic pixie dream girl. The common ...Read More

Special election held to fill ASW chief justice position

Westminster College held an unexpected special election for chief justice on Jan. 31, said ASW officials. The student body received an email on Jan. 29 announcing the election to find a replacement fo...Read More

Crisis intervention available free to all students through Counseling Center

The Counseling Center, located in the basement level of Shaw Student Center in room L7, provides a crisis intervention hour each day. During this hour, generally occurring at 2 or 3 p.m., students can...Read More

Chief diversity officer leaves college, lasting legacy

Westminster College’s first Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Dr. Marco Barker is leaving the school after a little over two years. Barker is set to fill the vice chancellor...Read More