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Westminster Stories: Outdoor Program Movin’ on Up

Tiana White, Westminster College’s director of the outdoor program, has made the program into a source of community for students. The outdoor program has recently grown that community via a bigger off...Read More

The hyper-visibility and invisibility of being a pregnant man

Being a pregnant man comes with its unique challenges, including what Jesse Fluetsch calls “being hyper-visible and invisible.” Fluetsch, who was the guest speaker at the pride week Taboo Talk Tuesday...Read More

Westminster reacts to California Governor allowing NCAA athletes to earn money

In a world where college athletes are praised by fans, few make it to the professional level where they would be paid for playing. The debate on whether college athletes should be paid for their time ...Read More

Keeping up with the skiers: Westminster community prepares for winter skiing in unexpected ways

Skiing glaciers, scouting backcountry locations and hiking 14 miles to find some snow — several Westminster College skiers are dedicated to keeping up with the winter sport all year long. To them, the...Read More

How conversations about diversity can change our theatre program

The Westminster College theatre program has made many attempts to be more inclusive and involve diversity, but it could be better, according to Nina Vought, an associate professor in the theatre progr...Read More

Solitude Resort’s parking charge won’t disrupt season, according to student skiers

Solitude resort will now charge $20 for parking in an effort to lower emissions by encouraging people to take buses and carpool up the canyon.  Many think this announcement was sudden and unneces...Read More

Dallin H. Oaks doesn’t understand biological sex at birth and the lie of ‘binary creation’

Dallin H. Oaks, apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, defined gender as “biological sex at birth”  Oct. 2, emphasizing God created humans as either male or female.  As ...Read More

ASW Senate passes resolution to create resources, support for sexual violence survivors

ASW Senate passed a resolution to create resources and support for students affected by sexual violence during a general session meeting Oct. 7 in the Health, Wellness and Activity Center (HWAC). Thro...Read More

Conversations on social class help promote inclusion, says professor with low-income background

To promote inclusion on college campuses, students have a responsibility to talk about social class, said Dr. David Rivera at the lecture “Access and Belonging: Centering on Social Class in the Need f...Read More

Westminster student speaks out for immigrants, refugees in Salt Lake community

Several New Americans created an intimate atmosphere as they shared their personal experiences of immigrating to the U.S. at the Salt Lake City Main Library Sept. 20.  The presentation titled “Ro...Read More