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Westminster College hires second female president in its history

Westminster College’s Board of Trustees announced its decision Monday to hire Bethami (Beth) Dobkin, Ph.D., as the college’s 19th president — making her the second woman to hold the position. Dobkin c...Read More

Westminster College conducts a closed search for new president

Westminster College is in the process of choosing its next president in a closed search, where only those on the Presidential Search Committee will be involved in the decision. That means most members...Read More

First-year students reflect on their first year of college

For some, the transition from high school to college is jarring. But with an 80 percent first-year-to-sophomore retention rate and a 95 percent Fall-to-Spring semester retention rate, Westminster Coll...Read More

President Trump’s budget proposal could have repercussions for student loan borrowers

President Donald Trump’s newly-proposed budget plan includes changes to certain student loan forgiveness programs that, if approved by Congress, could affect student loan borrowers after July 2019. Un...Read More

Westminster community can ‘Netflix and pump’ in college’s new nursing lounge

Westminster College recently introduced a new lounge in the lower level of the Giovale Library designated for nursing mothers, as required by federal law. Westminster’s Staff Council looked to address...Read More

On-campus weapons policy identifies pepper spray as a ‘non-weapon weapon’

Carrying a cell phone pre-dialed to 911, pepper spray or a rape whistle can make someone alone on campus feel safer, but that doesn’t guarantee an attack won’t happen. Still, many students on college ...Read More

Westminster faces lawsuit alleging it violated a protective order

A former student filed a lawsuit against Westminster College in the U.S. District Court in Utah on Feb. 28, alleging sex and disability discrimination in violation of federal law and a hostile educati...Read More

ASW Senators seek to increase on-campus minimum wage

ASW Senate passed a resolution at its meeting Feb. 26 to propose advanced wages for students working on-campus jobs — but it could be an uphill battle to actually make that happen. Students working on...Read More

Former athletes watched Olympics with nostalgia — but didn’t dream of going back

Heather McPhie Watanabe is used to being awake at odd hours. With a newborn baby, her schedule depends heavily on her daughter’s needs. But over the past few weeks, when she was awake at those odd hou...Read More

ASW election debate focuses on diversity and inclusion

At ASW’s candidate debate Wednesday night in Malouf Hall 201 at Westminster College, applicants focused on how they would work to create a more diverse and inclusive campus. Students and the election ...Read More