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Public health student studies, tracks, supports fight against COVID-19

Over the last year, many classrooms at Westminster College have been impacted by the news cycle. The pandemic-related recession has crept its way into economics classrooms, inequity in medical care in...Read More

An Open Letter to the Student Body

Dear Griffins, First of all, thank you. Thank you for putting your trust in us to represent you and your concerns to the college administration and the broader community. We are excited to get to work...Read More

ASW Election: Meet the students running for government

Campaigning for ASW elections began Monday for students to elect the next student government board. There are eight candidates running for the five elected student board and senator positions. Voting ...Read More

Economics professor optimistic for post-graduation jobs despite economic downturn

One year ago this week, the coronavirus pandemic that Americans watched wreak havoc overseas landed full-force on the people of the United States and its economy. Despite a year of catastrophic downtu...Read More

Salty Science Series offers insight into potential environmental impacts of Great Salt Lake

In the early 1980s, the Great Salt Lake had an elevation of just over 4,000 feet and a surface area of about 2,300 square miles. Rich with minerals and home to a variety of animal species, the massive...Read More

OPINION: How WandaVision brought us back to pre-pandemic life at the perfect time

WandaVision came into our lives near the peak of the pandemic, and it’s provided a much-needed escape for everyone -- Marvel fans and newbies alike.

Westminster joins other Utah colleges in opposing bill that would bar transgender girls from female sports

President Beth Dobkin signed a joint letter with other Utah colleges Feb. 27 opposing HB302, “Preserving Sports for Female Students.” The bill, which is under consideration in the Utah Legislature dur...Read More

How a failed ASW Senate bill helped ignite years of food insecurity efforts on campus

Efforts to increase resources pertaining to food and housing insecurity began in ASW Senate during the 2018-19 academic year by former President Jazmin May.

Ethical taxidermy turned into art

It’s not every day you find yourself trying to pull teeth out of an elk skull. One student, Alinnea Christiansen, a third-year justice studies major at Westminster College, has always had a fascinatio...Read More

Graduation is on: Westminster to host in-person commencement ceremonies

Westminster College will host its 2021 graduation ceremonies in person, dividing commencement into three groups, according to an email sent out to students Wednesday. The ceremonies will be held outsi...Read More