Good horror is feminist because being marginalized is scary

When people tell me they don’t like horror movies, or that horror movies aren’t feminist, I understand where they’re coming from. Some of the genre’s tropes include valuing virgin women and killing th...Read More

OPINION: World Hunger, an unceasing global complication

Have you ever been hungry? This question can be interpreted in different magnitudes. In this instance, I am not referring to the common rumbling of the stomach nearing dinner time. I am raising attent...Read More

Opinion: Journalists of color to follow

For journalists, bias starts when they walk into the newsroom. Who a journalist is and the identities they carry with them influence how they report on a story — whether they want it to or not. ...Read More

OPINION: Why Apologizing Isn’t Enough Anymore, We Need Action Now For The Sake Of Lives Tomorrow

The following article is a guest opinion piece. Opinion pieces are submitted by those in the Westminster community that are factually accurate but also share the opinion of the author. The opinions ex...Read More

From the Editors: A protester’s guide to interacting with, understanding news media

There is a common saying in journalism that it is the “first rough draft of history.” While this is often true, it also means if the news gets it wrong, so do the history books. The news media is a vi...Read More

From the Editors: Here are our top 5 posts from The Westmini Griffin

The Forum is widely known as the only student-run news organization on campus. But, it’s true: We did have somewhat of a competitor over the last year.  The Griffin — dubbed “Westminster Co...Read More

OPINION: Community matters, now more than ever

What is community? When one performs a Google search for the meaning of community, the first results to appear are: “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in...Read More

Opinion: Should we still be talking about gender on campus?

I’ll give you the short answer – yes, absolutely.  Some people think that gender equity isn’t a concern anymore for our students – or at least a serious one. We have a majority-female...Read More

Opinion: Early lessons from COVID-19 in my last two months of college

I am in the last two months of my senior year, which now feel that they’ve been taken from me. It just sucks. I had to call my family and let them know not to come out. I don’t get goodbyes and final ...Read More

From the Editor: While we’re apart, let’s keep the conversation going.

Hello, fellow Griffins. I wanted to address you informally, using my platform in a way that can benefit us all. I know things are uncertain right now. What we are going through together is unprecedent...Read More