Letter to the Editor: An Alum’s Response to Westminster’s Tuition Hike

I’m an alumna of Westminster College (’16), and I’m alarmed by several articles that reported an 8.5% tuition increase for the 2020–21 fiscal year. I’m troubled, but not surprised, by the divisive ton...Read More

In this moment, your voice is critical.

I know that the tuition increase has caused stress, anxiety, and anger. I know that students are frustrated with what feels like a lack of commitment to diversity and inclusion. I know that the proces...Read More

An Open Letter to the Student Body

Dear Griffins,  As we head into the second half of the semester, we would like to reflect on the start of the year and let you know what we are working on and how we can support you as the studen...Read More

Confirmed ghost at Westminster with unlikely backstory

A confirmed ghost at Westminster College is now haunting the Bassis Student Center which could use some “‘Deadening’ it up a little,” said Julia Vorsteveld, a senior outdoor education and leadership m...Read More

Dallin H. Oaks doesn’t understand biological sex at birth and the lie of ‘binary creation’

Dallin H. Oaks, apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, defined gender as “biological sex at birth”  Oct. 2, emphasizing God created humans as either male or female.  As ...Read More

Westminster Women Deserve a Club Soccer Team (and I Deserve a Break from Doing Westminster’s Job)

Westminster does not have a women’s club soccer team. Westminster does have a men’s club soccer team. These are not mere observations I have made but rather a disparity I recognized during my first ye...Read More

Letter to the Editor: a clarification on unconscious bias

Dear Editor, Can a sign make a difference? Maybe. It likely depends on the effectiveness of the “visual” appeal (readability), the “curb” appeal (location/placement), and the “idea” appeal (message). ...Read More

How my month as a cheerleader convinced me cheer is a sport

I have played basketball, football, soccer, baseball and even did a bit of karate, however, cheer is the only sport where I’ve been kicked in the face. From my month as a cheerleader on the Westminste...Read More

Last names have disappeared from Westminster campus

Check the syllabus, check the roll call, even check your saved contacts and ask yourself: ‘where are the last names?’ At Westminster College, a mystery unfolded as students and teachers alike realized...Read More

Letter to the Editor: the ‘Know Your Bias’ campaign won’t work

The following Letter to the Editor does not reflect the views and opinions of The Forum or its staff and has been lightly edited for clarity. For information about Westminster College’s “Know Your Bia...Read More