OPINION: How WandaVision brought us back to pre-pandemic life at the perfect time

WandaVision came into our lives near the peak of the pandemic, and it’s provided a much-needed escape for everyone -- Marvel fans and newbies alike.

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OPINION: ‘Left with no closure’ — A 2020 graduate’s perspective

Makayla Kirk graduated in 2020, forgoing a commencement ceremony because of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Opinion: Bezos doesn’t need your money, local businesses do

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Good horror is feminist because being marginalized is scary

When people tell me they don’t like horror movies, or that horror movies aren’t feminist, I understand where they’re coming from. Some of the genre’s tropes include valuing virgin women and killing th...Read More

OPINION: World Hunger, an unceasing global complication

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Opinion: Journalists of color to follow

For journalists, bias starts when they walk into the newsroom. Who a journalist is and the identities they carry with them influence how they report on a story — whether they want it to or not. ...Read More

OPINION: Why Apologizing Isn’t Enough Anymore, We Need Action Now For The Sake Of Lives Tomorrow

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From the Editors: A protester’s guide to interacting with, understanding news media

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