Women’s volleyball’s tough transition to Division 2

“Hardworking, passionate and excellent students.” Those were just a few words said by Al Givens, the head coach of the women’s volleyball team, when discussing his team. Givens is in his second season...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Sodium

That’s the stuff I’m not supposed to eat too much of.Sodium is one half of table salt, sodium chloride. It’s an element, meaning it can’t be broken down into smaller parts without losing its propertie...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? DTVs

I’m no fan of acronyms in general, but why is this specific one after me? DVT stands for deep-vein thrombosis, where your blood spontaneously forms a clot inside your vein.That sounds like someth...Read More

True confessions of a college first-year

Truth #1: I’m lonely.You think that once you leave home and start to live on your own, it’s going to be so exciting. You think you’re going to suddenly have all this freedom and be able to do whatever...Read More

Hole in the wall: The Annex by Epic Brewing

If you’re running low on ideas for a first date, visit The Annex. Trust me; I’ve done it before.Nestled in between two well-known pizza places (Mellow Mushroom and Flatbread Pizza) in the ever-expandi...Read More

Editor’s column

Welcome back Griffins! It’s a brand new year and we at The Forum couldn’t be more excited to get going. My words of wisdom for this year: don’t stay stagnant, get uncomfortable.I know that sounds not ...Read More