From the Editors: Here are our top 5 posts from The Westmini Griffin

The Forum is widely known as the only student-run news organization on campus. But, it’s true: We did have somewhat of a competitor over the last year.  The Griffin — dubbed “Westminster Co...Read More

OPINION: Community matters, now more than ever

What is community? When one performs a Google search for the meaning of community, the first results to appear are: “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in...Read More

Opinion: Should we still be talking about gender on campus?

I’ll give you the short answer – yes, absolutely.  Some people think that gender equity isn’t a concern anymore for our students – or at least a serious one. We have a majority-female...Read More

Opinion: Early lessons from COVID-19 in my last two months of college

I am in the last two months of my senior year, which now feel that they’ve been taken from me. It just sucks. I had to call my family and let them know not to come out. I don’t get goodbyes and final ...Read More

From the Editor: While we’re apart, let’s keep the conversation going.

Hello, fellow Griffins. I wanted to address you informally, using my platform in a way that can benefit us all. I know things are uncertain right now. What we are going through together is unprecedent...Read More

OPINION: Gun violence, the trauma of a generation

Do you have a plan? Do you fight? Do you run? Who do you try to save? Where do you hide when the shots start ringing?  I have a plan. Everyone I went to school with has a plan. The plan for what ...Read More

Opinion: Mx. Westminster is fun and more people should be doing it

As a first-year student, I attended as many on-campus events as possible. One night in February 2018, I convinced my sister to come with me to something called Mx. Westminster.  That night I saw ...Read More

Letter to the Editor: An Alum’s Response to Westminster’s Tuition Hike

I’m an alumna of Westminster College (’16), and I’m alarmed by several articles that reported an 8.5% tuition increase for the 2020–21 fiscal year. I’m troubled, but not surprised, by the divisive ton...Read More

In this moment, your voice is critical.

I know that the tuition increase has caused stress, anxiety, and anger. I know that students are frustrated with what feels like a lack of commitment to diversity and inclusion. I know that the proces...Read More

An Open Letter to the Student Body

Dear Griffins,  As we head into the second half of the semester, we would like to reflect on the start of the year and let you know what we are working on and how we can support you as the studen...Read More