Bridging cultural gaps with sparkling water

Olivia Wathne said she has always admired her mother, Kelly. From a young age, she said Kelly—who hasn’t sipped regular water since her twenties, long before Wathne was born—taught her to take pride i...Read More

What NOT to do your senior year

Hey, there. My name is Christian Anderson, and I’m worried.Why am I worried? Well, I’m a senior on the cusp of graduation. And I’m still finding myself.For many of us, this is the first time certainty...Read More

Utah only pretends to like the outdoors

Utah has a love-hate relationship with the outdoors and the outdoor industry. Government dollars go to organizations like Ski Utah, which promote tourism in the state. Yet simultaneously, Gov. Ga...Read More

In response to “Living outside Westminster’s ‘ski culture’”

On March 24, 2017 the forum posted an article titled “Living Outside Westminster’s ‘Ski Culture’.” This article seemed to state, that if you don’t ski or snowboard at Westminster, you don’t have an im...Read More

Utah: Where sports fandoms and politics meet

If House Speaker Greg Hughes isn’t going to pay back the state of Utah for the $203,000 he wasted, he should at least apologize for leading the first-ever state audit of a single athletic department.S...Read More

Must we burn Pup Amp? A reflection on sex positivity and activism

In “Must We Burn Sade?” Simone de Beauvoir grapples with the legacy of the Marquis de Sade, an erotic writer who stands out to this day as one of the most grotesque pornographers of the West.The Stanf...Read More

From the Hill: Week seven of the Legislative session

As the legislature came to its end this week, I found myself going back and forth—as I often do—between wanting Utah’s legislative session to be longer or holding alternated biannual sessions, where y...Read More

From the Hill: Week six of the Legislative session

This upcoming week is the session's LAST. Thank goddess.Rep. Karianne Lisonbee’s HB198 – which allows Utahns between the ages of 18 and 21 to conceal carry weapons – passed out of a Senate committee l...Read More

Fake news and false reporting

There’s a difference between fake news and false reporting.I had the privilege of covering Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s town-hall meeting on Feb. 9. National reporters covered the meeting, and videos of...Read More

From the Hill: Week five of the Legislature

Well, another week passed at the Utah Legislature—aging us about three months. Here are some of last week’s highlights:Rep. Sandra Hollins’ (D) HB156, which would “ban the box” in the state, advanced ...Read More