What is it and why does it want to kill me? Wind

Air is after me now? Have you been outside recently? It’s brutal out there.So what is it? Simply put, the flow of gases. Gases are a state of matter defined by a large separation between individual mo...Read More

Talking ‘bout our generation

"Fucking Millennials." That comment rings in my ears still, like a haunting. It's Monday morning, 10:27 a.m., and you want to know where I am? I'm standing in the middle of a frozen baseball...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Crystals

What are they? Crystals are solid materials with components that are arranged in ordered structures. These structures form a crystal lattice, a series of repeating units, that extends in all dire...Read More

Sunday goodbyes

It’s been a week. That’s right: seven days. Seven blips.That’s nothing... I have over six months to wait. Why is it hard this time?My best friend deployed. We’ve done this before; multiple times. He’s...Read More

Halloween face paint tutorials

On a budget this Halloween? Try one of these simple looks that can easily be recreated by students, demonstrated by local makeup artist Jordan Dyches.“To people who are intimidated by fx looks I would...Read More

The craving for real haunts: A visit to Asylum 49

Outside Asylum 49, the self-described “full contact haunted house” built into the old Tooele hospital, a doctor in bloody scrubs challenges me to a game of rock-paper-scissors. I can tell right away b...Read More

Trick or Treat? It’s time for horrifying Halloween fun

Most students can relate to the fact that college is hard. Permission is given—take a break and have a laugh. Find a few friends, go out and regroup for the last half of the Fall semester. Go check ou...Read More

Women’s volleyball’s tough transition to Division 2

“Hardworking, passionate and excellent students.” Those were just a few words said by Al Givens, the head coach of the women’s volleyball team, when discussing his team. Givens is in his second season...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? Sodium

That’s the stuff I’m not supposed to eat too much of.Sodium is one half of table salt, sodium chloride. It’s an element, meaning it can’t be broken down into smaller parts without losing its propertie...Read More

What is it and why does it want to kill me? DTVs

I’m no fan of acronyms in general, but why is this specific one after me? DVT stands for deep-vein thrombosis, where your blood spontaneously forms a clot inside your vein.That sounds like someth...Read More