Be aware of bias, push into unwelcome spaces, say Latinx panelists

Being Latinx in politics means you must push your way into spaces you might not otherwise be welcome in, according to panelists at the Latinx Identities in Politics panel Thursday in the Gore Auditori...Read More

Westminster and Utah students advocate, lobby against gun violence

Imagine going to school, the movie theater or simply taking a drive in your car. These are all normal, daily activities for many Americans. These acts, however, have become riddled with deaths and gun...Read More

Westminster student faces misconceptions surrounding service animals

Service animals are allowed to be anywhere the public is and are not required to wear identification, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This is not common knowledge to most, maki...Read More

Summer research program shows science, art are interconnected

Students in the art and science majors got to collaborate during a summer research program through a grant partnership of the Great Salt Lake Institute (GSLI) and Westminster College.  The progra...Read More

Racial bias influences everyone but can be overcome, according to leading expert

Racial bias is something everyone is vulnerable to and is often triggered by certain situations, according to Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt who was Wednesday’s guest lecturer for the B. W. Bastian lecture se...Read More

Rape, suicide, addiction: Westminster alum creates dialogue through new movie

“City of Salt,” an independent film written and directed by a Westminster College alum, has reached its final stages of production and is poised for release this coming winter. Alicia Farmer, writer, ...Read More

Glow-in-the-dark paint and yoga gives yogis more freedom and self-exploration

James Hardy hated yoga when he first tried it in high school. Now he and his fiancée Shazzy Tapias lead Salt Lake City yogis through flow yoga routines while covered in glow paint, listening to a sing...Read More

How my month as a cheerleader convinced me cheer is a sport

I have played basketball, football, soccer, baseball and even did a bit of karate, however, cheer is the only sport where I’ve been kicked in the face. From my month as a cheerleader on the Westminste...Read More

Westminster pushes initiative against excessive use of plastic straws

Bon Appétit, Westminster College’s primary food vendor, is fighting against the unnecessary use of single-use plastic, along with many other businesses in Utah and across the U.S., by removing plastic...Read More

Dance as conduit for community: How dance seniors awakened artistic opportunity in department despite limited resources

During the American College Dance Association conference this past week, I witnessed countless acts of genius in the form of movement artistry that engaged my passion for dance, education and experien...Read More

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