Student track, cross country athletes say lack of funding hinders their performance

Westminster’s track and cross country athletics said they need a bigger budget or at least a pair of decent running shoes. Not only are they forced to train off-campus but, according to track and cros...Read More

Tattoo talks: students share why they get their tattoos

“I have a wishbone behind my ear which is for good luck,” said Jessica Garvin, a junior elementary education major. “I have awful luck with life in general and I have a lot of health problems. Also, m...Read More

Dumke Center teaches students how to be politically engaged post-midterm elections

The midterm elections are over and many students at Westminster College may be unsure of what to do now that their ballots have been turned in. In response, the political engagement coordinators for t...Read More

Crosswalk scares: Westminster students express concerns crossing 1300 East

There is at least one thing all 2,509 students at Westminster College have in common: they have all crossed on a crosswalk at least once in their lives. Either by foot, bike or now the popular electri...Read More