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Confirmed ghost at Westminster with unlikely backstory

The Ghost waits for their appointment at the Writing Center in the Bassis Student Center. The ghost belongs to a ‘dead inside’ college dropout now living in their parents basement.
(Lewis Figun Westbrook)

A confirmed ghost at Westminster College is now haunting the Bassis Student Center which could use some “‘Deadening’ it up a little,” said Julia Vorsteveld, a senior outdoor education and leadership major, after learning about the ghost.

The new spirit, which is one of many that haunts Westminster, has a unique backstory. The ghost is part of a living sophomore college dropout who is ‘dead inside.’ 

The overwhelming emotional workload of being an undeclared major in college forced the student’s soul to separate from the very much alive student and haunt the Writing Center: the one place they could’ve received the academic help they needed.

The ghost refused to comment but did knock over a couple of notebooks and one Starbucks pumpkin spice latte while high-pitched humming filled the room. 

No lamps have flickered and no messages have been written in blood or other odd substances, which the student workers take as a good sign. There have also been no fires or cold spots reported. These are all common occurrences in hauntings and normally a sign the ghost is angry or misguided.

While some students are worried, Maxwell Kee, a senior gender studies major and worker at the Writing Center, said he hopes to help the ghost become a “ghostwriter.” He said he will happily help the ghostwrite messages on the walls because the center needs more inspiring quotes.

Kee hopes to ask the ghost, “Do you need to get back to your human house?” when he runs into them.

Another student worker, Julia Vorsteveld, is excited about the prospect of hanging out with the ghost and said that giving emotional support is sometimes part of the job.

Both students immediately asked if the ghost was okay upon learning about them.

The dropout student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the ‘dead inside’ experience is not all that different from normal life. It really just reminds them of their emo phase in middle school. 

“It’s just like a lot of listening to ‘My Chemical Romance’ in my parents’ basement,” said the student, who is now living without their soul.

Now, the student lives in their parent’s garage and is currently working on their Tinder profile.

They said they were extraordinarily disappointed about the pumpkin spice latte incident because they are such a big fan of the drinks and get them almost daily.

“I’d hate for my ghost to get lonely,” the student said. “I mean I’m so busy now that I moved back home so I can’t baby them anymore, but I really hope they don’t get too lonely.”

There may be hope for the ghost to still connect with the student’s body because friendship is the most important resource the Writing Center offers, according to student-worker Ethan Gerrid, a senior philosophy and economics double major.

“Yes, even for the ghost” Gerrid said.


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Lewis Figun Westbrook is a transfer student majoring in communication and minoring in psychology. In their free time they enjoy reading, writing and most importantly binging Netflix. They hope to one day write queer YA novels and be a graphic designer.

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