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From The Hill, Ep. 11: Lawmakers are split on gun control

Lawmakers are finishing up the second-to-last week of the 45-day legislative session, and there are several issues that has representatives split.

In the last episode of From The Hill, editors of The Forum looked at legislation that had to deal with strengthening gun control. On the other side, other lawmakers are trying to push against increased gun control.

Re-establishing state’s control over guns

Rep. Cory Maloy is sponsoring a bill that seeks to declare more clarity that the state has control over gun laws — rather than a city or county.

This comes in response to a recent move by Salt Lake County Jenny Wilson who passed legislation requiring vendors at gun shows held in facilities owned by the county to conduct background checks. While this isn’t typical of gun shows, Wilson said she wanted to close tho loophole of avoiding background checks.

Wilson argues she’s not technically enforcing a new regulation, because the county is exercising its administrative ability to set requirements for county-owned vendors.

Maloy wants to clear up the confusing legal language, establishing the state as the ultimate authority over gun rights and laws. 

Carrying a gun without a permit

Another bill being proposed in the legislative session would modify provisions on who can carry guns and where.

If passed, it would be legal for someone older than 21 years old to carry a concealed firearm in public — even if they don’t have a permit.

While the bill is a short-length, it lays out that this person could carry without a permit in their car it it’s legally obtained. They can also carry on the streets if they’re walking on a public street.

The bill doesn’t apply to minors.


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