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Giovale Library offers more than just book rentals, librarians say

Erin Merrill, Westminster College student engagement librarian, offers free snacks at the Giovale Library Fair Sept. 2. Giovale librarians say they organized the fair to inform students on available resources they may not have been aware of before.

While students may not realize all the resources available from Giovale Library, librarians joined efforts Wednesday during the Library Fair to show what else it has to offer — highlighting the different aspects students may be unaware of. 

“I think a lot of students just think the library is just a place to study, which it absolutely is and we love when students use it that way,” said Erin Merrill, student engagement librarian. “But we do offer a lot of services that students don’t know. For example, we help students do their research and a lot of people don’t know that exists.”  

Giovale also has a 3D printer that students can use for projects. Westminster College has housed a 3D printer for the past four years, managed by Valerie Burnett, the systems librarian. 

In April, Burnett used the 3D printer to produce face shields for health care workers amid a shortage in the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I want students to  be able to gain experience in this emerging technology” Burnett said. “But it is also fun when they use it for toys, because people are still learning when they are making toys. They are learning what they can do and what they can’t do.” 

Giovale also offers a full library of movies that students can rent out — with some that are free from educational influences.

“People can actually make suggestions if there is something that we don’t have,” said Reese Julian, head of collections and access at Giovale. “Especially if it is tied to a class but we also like to add fun stuff too.” 

Although the library has built its collection of movies, Julian said Giovale is “always looking to build the popular fiction section and DVD collection.” 


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James Carson is a senior at Westminster College majoring in communication studies. He is a transfer student from Southern California, but he has always loved Utah. He loves everything music and various outdoor activities.

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