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Graduating student-athlete reflects on experience, looks to future transition of not playing sports

Skye Jeffries is a graduating senior who has managed to balance a crazy schedule over the last four years. Between being on the women’s soccer team and juggling a full-time schedule, Jeffries said one of the hardest parts was finding a way to manage her time.

One of the best pieces of advice she has, Jeffries said, is learning to say, “No” to friends when plans interfere with a busy schedule. Jeffries said it was difficult to learn the balance between school, sports and a social life — but learning to decline plans has been a key to success.

Jeffries says the skill of time management has kept her from failing classes, allowing her to graduate within the four-year period.

The weirdest part about graduating? She says it’s the thought of not playing sports competitively after she walks across the stage in May.

This adjustment of not continuing a sport in the professional realm after graduating is common among student-athletes. Jeffries said she is excited to give her body a rest, and let herself recover from all the wear-and-tear it’s received over the years.

Although graduating can be a daunting experience, Jeffries said the community at Westminster College has made it an easier transition. She said members on campus are willing to guide students from start to finish, which has been helpful for her.


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Hannah Foley is a junior at Westminster College. She is originally from Seattle, Washington, where yes it rains a lot. She loves working out, hanging out with friends and going to the movies. She’s passionate about music, dancing and she loves talking to new people -- and just talking in general.

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