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OPINION: World Hunger, an unceasing global complication

Alaina Williams is a first-year student at Westminster College. In an opinion piece to The Forum Williams writes it is up to those who do not face hunger as a daily issue to address it for those who do. (Photo courtesy Alaina Williams)

Have you ever been hungry?

This question can be interpreted in different magnitudes. In this instance, I am not referring to the common rumbling of the stomach nearing dinner time.

I am raising attention to the never-ending growling stomach of the people all around the world.

I am talking about the type of hunger that children go to sleep with.

I am referring to the hunger that leaves children and grown adults unnourished and unhealthy.

If you are like myself and most kids, you never really worried about not eating because there was always a source of food in the kitchen. For this I feel guilty and to blame for the crisis of hunger still occurring all over world.

Unfortunately, the reality for other children and families in general all around the world is that they are not as fortunate as us. These families are malnourished simply by the fact that they do not have the proper amount of food in order to stay healthy.

Yet, somehow there is a higher number of obese people compared to the amount of people undernourished in the world. If people can have enough food to overeat and become obese, then what is the excuse that our nation can come up with for people still starving, being without enough food?

Children are often born into a poor home that they are not responsible for. They go to school hungry, leaving it hard for them to function and learn to the best their ability, unable to receive the proper education.

If myself and others like us have had the opportunity to always have a full stomach, leaving us able to receive a proper education, then why are these children offered any less?

This problem lies within our nation’s focus being lost in becoming power hungry. Our country and so many people individually within our country are so wealthy and well-off that hunger should not even be a concern. There is no reason why there should be any starving people in our nation with the amount of wealth we obtain.

My concern remains in the focus that our civilization actually holds towards more impetrative issues. It seems as if in most cases this grave matter is put to the side by our nation.

The real question is, when will this never-ending global crisis be put to rest? When will this problem be noticed? More importantly, what will you do in order to prevent a 5-year-old from going to sleep starving before their first day of school?


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Alaina Williams is a first-year student at Westminster College.

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