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Pre-Professional Health Society hosts game night social

Madison Hooper, (She/her/hers) a senior biology major, along with Max Mertz, (He/him/his) a senior environmental science major, and Fionn Manning, (She/her/hers) a senior Psychology major are playing a card game in the Meldrum Science Center on Mar. 17. Hooper said a successful event would be one where students felt like they gained useful information. Photo courtesy of Tommy Howells. Image Description: Madison Hooper and Fionn Manning, two female students and Max Mertz, one male student play a card game, sitting at a table.

The Pre-Professional Health Society Society hosted their first game night social Thursday, March 17 to give students an opportunity to get to know more people in the pre-med community while learning more about PPHS, according to Madison Hooper, senior biology major PPHS president and organizer of the event.

The Pre-Professional Health Society provides students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare with resources and contacts to help guide them through their undergraduate work.

“The goals of this event are to let people in the PPHS club socialize with other members, let students interested in the club or event mingle and to offer a fun night of games and a raffle as we are reaching the end of the school year,” Hooper said.

The event was held in the Meldrum Science Center Atrium and attended by members of the PPHS and Westminster College students.

Courtney McAlindon, junior biology major and member of the board for pre-dental, said she came to the event to meet-up with other current club members.

“It was nice to finally see people in-person,” McAlindon said. “The club members had a fun night and it was again nice to see everyone’s faces.”

Denise Zivkovic, a senior environmental science major, plays a game of ‘UNO’ with Greta Walser, a junior public health major, during the Pre-Professional Health Society game event in the Meldrum Science Center March 17. Zivkovic said she enjoys having a space to relax and play games.
Image Description: Denise Zivkovic and Greta Walser, two female students, play a card game, sitting at a table. Photo courtesy of Tommy Howells.

Herzo Da Silva, a senior chemistry major and pre-medical director of the society, said he attended the event to talk with fellow students about the club and its resources.

“I hoped to introduce students to our club and raise interest in our events,” Da Silva said.

Denise Zikovic, a senior environmental science major, said she thinks it is important to be connected with clubs and peers who have similar interests.

“Tonight’s event was inspired by the availability of pizza [with] a time [and] space to hang with peers that wasn’t focused on our studies,” Zikovic said. “It’s nice to have a space where we can relax and play games.” 


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Tommy Howells (he/him) is a junior communications major at Westminster College. When he’s not busy doing schoolwork, Tommy can be found in the Bassis Student Center ordering steamed milk. He enjoys playing video games and binge watching his favorite shows.

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