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Seasonal Regression unites students through live performances

Seasonal Regression performs in front of the Shaw Student Center Aug. 23. The band’s concert was a part of an on-campus event to kick off the school year. Photo Courtesy of Quinn Winter.

Seasonal Regression is commonly known throughout the Westminster College community from the shows they’ve played at campus events, their concerts at gatherings off-campus and performances at local radio stations. 

By incorporating their passion and love for music, Westminster College and University of Utah students created a band called Seasonal Regression in April 2019. 

Some Westminster students attended Seasonal Regression’s live concerts in the past, including Ashley Nye, a senior business major. 

“It was such a fun way to hear local music that was connected to Westminster and mutual friends,” Nye said. 

Seasonal Regression Performs at the Richer Commons

Seasonal Regression performed Oct. 6 at the Roast N’ Toast event at Westminster College where people had the opportunity to watch them play live. 

Cody Martino, a senior finance major, said attending their live music is a great way to bring people together and socialize. 

“It’s impressive that Westminster students are so committed to the close-knit community that is instilled from the moment we walk on campus,” Martino said. “[…] It’s an awesome way for students to come together and celebrate our interests.” 

Jake Wagoner, Taylor Baum, Kat Johnson, and Dante Clavere of Seasonal Regression holding K-UTE Radio posters in February of 2020. This is from their performance at a local radio station. Photo courtesy of Dante Clavere.

Diving into the History of Seasonal Regression

Seasonal Regression is an indie-pop band that consists of Dante Clavere, the lead guitarist, Kat Johnson, the main vocalist, Taylor Baum, the keyboard and sound engineer, bass player and singer Jake Wagoner and Mathew Hartman, the drummer. 

“I’ve been playing music with Seasonal Regression almost all of my college career now,” Clavere said. “[…] We were on a roll throughout my sophomore year but then COVID happened, which prevented us from playing live shows.” 

Seasonal Regression Success and Future Plans

Dante Clavere, the lead guitarist and music studies major, said he has had a strong interest in music all his life since both his parents are music professors. 

“I’ve been around [music] all my life, but as a teenager is when I started to take it more seriously,” Clavere said. 

Clavere said he is no stranger to the music industry as he’s been in multiple bands throughout his life.  

Clavere started his first band with friends as a 14-year-old in high school where they played rock music, which later split up. He stopped playing live music for a while after that, but then met friends in college which led to them making music and forming a band. 

Seasonal Regression plays a concert in a driveway in Salt Lake City Oct. 13, 2019. Westminster students have the opportunity to watch them play live while also getting to socialize and meet new people. Photo courtesy of Dante Clavere.

Along with having seven songs on Spotify, Clavere said he believes some of their biggest accomplishments so far are having close to ten thousand streams with their song titled, “Quantum Physics,” on Spotify. Additional achievements include being able to release an EP, and seeing a TikTok influencer include a song of theirs on a playlist. Clavere said he is hoping to release more music and play live more frequently in the future.  

“Right now we are taking some time to write and record so we can release more music soon, but a few of my goals in the future is to play a show at Kilby Court, and maybe even tour at some point,” Clavere said. 

In 10 years from now Clavere said he would love to see the band still making music together, and hopefully tour at some point. 

To learn more about Clavere’s band, find them on Instagram and Spotify at Seasonal Regression. 


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Sophia Killilea is a senior communication major and outdoor education & leadership minor at Westminster College. She's from Boston, MA but moved out to Utah in August of 2018 to begin her first year of college. She enjoys skiing, hiking, and binge watching way too many TV shows.

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