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Skiing the West year-round

It’s July. You’re in the mountains of Colorado with your friend, your bike and your skis. Yes, that’s right. You brought your skis. This may seem strange—who can even ski in July? Is there even snow? Well, all of these questions and more are answered in this week’s Westminster Stories. 

Turner Petersen, a sophomore marketing major and freeride skier, has skied every month this year. In this episode of Westminster Stories he discusses his decision to ski year-round  and one of his favorite runs of the year.

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Liz is a junior communication major at Westminster College, who can often be found sipping her over-priced coffee in Bassis. When not studying or working as an intern – three times over – she enjoys binge watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” for the fourth time, and taking morning runs in Sugar House Park. Liz hopes to someday make her way into the movie industry and become a puppy parent.

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