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Spooky Stories: Froggy Business in Hogle Hall

Hogle Hall, completed in 1959, is home to several first-year students at Westminster College and is rumored to be one of the most haunted buildings on campus. It’s said to be lurking with spirits on each floor — including a mischievous farm boy with no legs and other bathroom spirits. (Giovale Library, Westminster College, Salt Lake City)

*This story is the second of a three-part Spooky Stories series about the ghost legend stories at Westminster College. You can read the first and third story here.

Hogle Hall is home to several first-year students at Westminster College and is rumored to be one of the most haunted buildings on campus. 

It was finished in 1959, but long before the school was settled here the campus was a farmland. 

The story of the oldest ghost on campus is about a young boy in Hogle who creates mischief and flooding wherever he plays.

The boy was a farmer’s son who was playing in Emigration Creek when he found a frog. He was so excited he wanted to show it to his father.

At the time, the farmer was driving a loud tractor and didn’t hear or see the boy running up to him.

“He had run over his own little boy with the tractor,” said Alyssa Appleman, the ASW events president.

Appleman hosts the Legends Tour at the beginning of the school year, recounting several ghost stories on campus. According to her, “Hogle is haunted more than anything else” at Westminster.

Now the boy is said to flood places in Hogle and put frog imagery all over the building to finally show his father.

When filling up your water bottle on the second floor, the boy will laugh at you from behind the drinking fountain.

Ray Barber, a campus patrol officer, works the graveyard shift and said while he’s dealt with multiple floodings, he’s never seen the ghost. 

When it comes to paranormal activity, Hogle residents say the third floor is the worst. The bathroom sinks run water on their own and the lights go into flickering fits. 

The cause is said to be the ghosts of two past students who hung themselves in their dorm rooms.

Barber said he was familiar with the third floor story of the two students hanging themselves.

However, he thought it was only the third floor with a spooky tale.

But Hogle’s hauntings don’t end there.

According to the Legends Tour, a student died in the showers on the first floor of Hogle. Now they haunt the bathroom and the entire floor.

Appleman said there’s another boy in Hogle on the second floor whose laugh can be heard lingering through the halls late at night. 

According to the Legends Tour script, security guards have heard the boy — even in the middle of winter. They were never able to find where the laugh was coming from. 

A week later, the same security guard came across a couple walking down Hogle’s stairs. They were stricken with terror. They told him they were studying when they saw a floating boy with no legs circling around the room. And then he just disappeared.

There is no known story for how this boy came to be. He may be the same farm boy, whose ghost returned without legs. Or that boy may have lost his legs in the tractor accident. 

So, the question persists: is it the same boy?

Either way, Hogle is said to be haunted to the brim with something lurking on each floor — all starting with the mischievous farm boy and other bathroom spirits.


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