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Student Wellness Fair promotes a variety of resources, support for Westminster community

Westminster University’s integrated approach to wellness empowers students to “live a healthy life, develop confidence and create [their] community on campus,” according to Westminster’s integrated wellness page. 

The Student Wellness Fair, held in Richer Commons on Thursday during Community Time, allowed students to learn about their wellness resources on campus, according to Laura Iverson, the assistant director of fitness, wellness and recreations.

“Wellness is so broad that it’s pretty easy to tap all of our campus partners, and then a lot of off campus partners who are eager to get in front of Westminster students, [to table at the fair],” Iverson said.

Iverson said her goal is for the fair to show students the support available to them during their college experience. 

“I want them to know about the Counseling Center and Student Health Services, the resources through Sodexo, campus preparedness [and Giovale Library],” Iverson said.

“We figured, ‘What better place to show support?’ It’s Suicide Prevention Month [and] mental health and wellness is such a big thing on this campus.”

Karlie Allen, junior public policy major and Student Honors Council president

Other campus and off-campus groups were also present at the fair. 

Community Nurses Services, a non-profit organization, tabled and administered free flu shots for students, according to CNS worker Emily Koelliker.

“We go around to schools as a non-profit organization and give immunizations to students on campus, especially if the schools require immunizations at the start of the year,” Koelliker said. 

Karlie Allen, a junior public policy major and Student Honors Council president, said the Honors College was involved at the fair, but didn’t table.

“We’re not tabling because we are not a wellness group and don’t want to present ourselves as such, but we are still an area of support for students,” Allen said. 

The Student Honors Council is “like the Honors version of ASW,” according to Allen, who said SHC members decided to attend the fair to build community among Honors and non-Honors students. 

In past years, the Honors College has had a reputation of being a separate group from the wider Westminster campus, which makes it hard for some students to get involved, according to Allen. 

“We figured, ‘What better place to show support?’” Allen said. “It’s Suicide Prevention Month [and] mental health and wellness is such a big thing on this campus.”


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Ella Cheminant majors in communication at Westminster University. She plays on the women’s lacrosse team, so when she isn’t busy doing assignments for class she’s practicing on the field and working on her skills. Some of her passions are staying active or resting.

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