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The Forum is hiring!

Westminster’s student news organization The Forum is now hiring for the 2020-21 editing staff!

All editorial positions are open. You can find a brief description of each editor position below. Applications are due Saturday, March 7 at 11:59 p.m. Submit your complete applications here.


The editor-in-chief is the head of The Forum and oversees the daily operations of the news organization. They lead a team of 5-6 editors and a class of student writers to produce online and print content.

An important part of the job is guiding, mentoring and motivating students to help them grow and produce quality content using best journalistic practices.

In short, the editor-in-chief makes sure The Forum is running smoothly and that the organization upholds the values of integrity, independence and accuracy.

Managing Editor

The managing editor’s main responsibility is to review and edit all content that is created for The Forum with a focus on the written content.

The managing editor also works closely with the editor-in-chief to help students in the class develop story ideas and answer any questions that students may have. The managing editor must also make sure that no reporter’s story has conflicts of interest or bias.

Business & Advertising Editor

The business and advertising director plays a peripheral, behind-the-scenes role at The Forum. Responsibilities include budget management and selling advertisements. This position involves talking to strangers, working proactively and communicating openly with other staff members.

Production Manager

Work with staff reporters and editors to design graphics for print, web publication, advertising creatives and Forum branding. Have a thorough understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite software and design the newspaper for publication before deadline so the staff can redline. Communicate with online manager for cohesive online and print design.

Video and Podcast Editor

The video and podcast editor is responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of The Forum’s video and audio content. This includes providing students with guidance before they record their video or audio, during the editing process and after their video has been submitted for publication.

The Forum’s multimedia content needs to be polished, relevant and consistently branded, and this editor’s job is making sure that happens.

Online and Social Media Manager

The online and social media manager is responsible for publishing all content that goes on The Forum website and social media platforms. In short, the online and social media manager maintains the online presence of The Forum is professional and represents the values news organization.

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The Forum is Westminster University's only student-run news organization since 1946. The content published does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Westminster or its administration.

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