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Vagina Monologue performance is a ‘roller coaster’ experience, according to students

Mina Sadoon performs the monologue “Hair” at Westminster College’s 20th anniversary of the Vagina Monologues in the Jewett Center for the Performing Arts on Feb. 7. Westminster students and SLC community members performed stories and essays that range in topics from body image to sexual assault to reclaiming their sexuality. (Photo by Katie Probert)

The Vagina Monologues performance provides both a serious and humorous approach to women and female-identifying experiences, students said.

According to Westminster College’s website, the Vagina Monologues advocates ending all violence against women and girls.

“It’s a wonderful tradition and a really great way to fundraise for the Rape Recovery Center,” said Emma Thompson, V-Day club president, and co-director of Vagina Monologues. “It’s a great way to elevate voices that have been repressed. We are very privileged to be in the US and have the freedom to talk about these issues.”

Zoe Colquitt, 19-year-old psychology major from Salt Lake Community College, said that she enjoyed how the performance combined “serious” and “hilarious” topics.

“Watching the performance has been a roller coaster, but a good roller coaster,” Colquitt said.

Colquitt said she attended the performance to support friends who were performing and also to donate to a good cause.

“It’s a very raw event, and it’s cool to experience,” said Joe Kiffney, 22-year-old marketing major at Westminster College.

Kiffney said he became interested in seeing the Vagina Monologues for the first time after hearing many positive reviews.

Ninety percent of all sales will go to The Rape Recovery Center and the other 10 percent to V-Day for their spotlight fund for incarcerated women.


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Davis is a 22-year-old communication major at Westminster College who grew up in Rhode Island. He enjoys spending time in either the mountains or on the water and recently discovered he likes sushi.

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