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Veterans Day Ceremony honors past, present service members

ROTC students sign a banner in the lower level of Converse Hall during the opening of the Veterans Day Gallery on Nov. 7. The banner is for any visitors to sign and will be given to the Utah Veterans Home, according to the Westminster College website. Photo courtesy of Madi Goddard. Image description: Four ROTC students sign a dark blue banner with the word “Veterans Day” at the Veterans Day Gallery in Converse Hall.

Students, faculty, staff and the Center for Veteran and Military Services gathered to honor past and active service members during the Veterans Day Ceremony held Monday in Richer Commons.

The ceremony signified the opening of the veteran center’s gallery to celebrate the veterans part of the Westminster community, according to the Westminster College website

Samara Thorell, an ROTC student at Westminster, said the gallery is a way to acknowledge what service veterans in the community have done.

“We don’t really see [veterans] on a day-to-day basis, so it’s really nice to have a day where everyone can appreciate their service and all they have done for us,” Thorell said. 

Jeff Nichols, a history professor at Westminster College, said he served as a U.S. Naval flight officer.

Events like the ceremony are important because the experiences veterans share enrich the education of those at Westminster College, according to Nichols. 

Nichols said attending a Halloween party the week before led him to dig up his old uniform, and, subsequently, reflect on his service to the United States. 

“I’m proud of my service. I didn’t see combat, which I’m relieved about, but I have great respect for those who do,” Nichols said.

Stories, images of students and community friends and family who have served are on display at the Veterans Day Gallery in the lower level of Converse Hall from Nov. 7–11, according to the Westminster College website. 


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