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WATCH: The interim dog policy isn’t the end of a “dog-friendly” campus, says administration

The interim dog policy went into effect on Westminster campus Aug. 1, reinforcing rules and regulations that dogs be registered and leashed before coming to campus for a “short-term visit.” In this video, The Forum explains what the policy is, how things may change and what questions students still have.

The interim dog policy at Westminster College went into effect August 1. The policy addresses how non-service animals (NSA) should be handled when coming to campus.

Although the policy is “new” it is not that different from the prior rules and regulations.

The policy requires that NSAs are registered before being brought to campus and are leashed at all times. It also must be a short-term visit.

To register your animal, there’s a link attached to the interim policy. Registration is free, which is unusual for most college campuses, said President Dobkin.

Dobkin says this is because they want it to be “as easy and inviting as possible to welcome your pets to the community.” Once an animal is registered, they’ll be given a Westminster collar tag.

Signs will be posted on campus stating dogs must be registered before their short-term visit. However, the cabinet has not decided on what defines a “short-term, temporary visit” yet, and they are hoping for comments and suggestions from the community.

President Dobkin says this is not the end to what students and faculty call a “dog-friendly” campus. Pets will still be free to come to campus as long as they follow the rules and regulations.

President Dobkin says that she’s been a dog owner most of her life and that she believes the pet-friendly atmosphere and the interim policy are “entirely consistent” with each other.

Westminster is still accepting comments on the policy until September 3. 


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