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Weekly News Briefing: Silent protest, resolution supporting the ERA and a professional barista

Students hold signs outside of Gore School of Business during a silent protest against the recent 8.5% tuition increase Dec. 6. The protest was held outside a regularly scheduled faculty meeting, where some of the organizers were invited to speak during the first 20 minutes. Student organizers said they want to work with faculty, rather than create tension between the two demographics. (Lewis Westbrook)

Students silently protest outside faculty meeting

Over 120 students silently lined the outside walkways into Gore School of Business Friday afternoon. The silence was a symbol for organizers, to represent how students have felt throughout the decision-making process. Student organizers said they want to work with faculty, rather than create tension between the two demographics. Read the full story. 

ASW Senate calls for ratification of ERA

Over a decade ago Erika Lintvedt, the manager of Griff’s Roost at Westminster College, began her love affair with coffee.Lintvedt is a professional barista, something that is often considered an untraditional path in society. However, Lintvedt said that’s changing. Read the full story. 

Some students worry about future attendance

Westminster College students are speaking out on social media in response to the 8.5% tuition increase planned for the next academic year. According to a survey sent out by a popular Instagram page (@westministudentsspeakout), some students fear the possibility that the increase will “jeopardize their continued attendance. Read the full story.

VR documentary creates immersive experience

Walking into a 50s-style diner and donning a video headset is not how the typical documentary begins. “Traveling While Black,” a traveling virtual-reality documentary exhibition, fleshes out the idea that Oscar-winning film “Green Book” introduced by examining how racism is perpetuated in the travel and hospitality industry. Read the full story.

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