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Weekly Briefing: Students create advocacy Instagram accounts, local businesses halt construction and Giovale offers more than books

The intersection of 1100 East and Ramona Avenue marks one end of a construction project officials have now postponed until spring despite plans to start work Aug. 31. Officials were driven to delay the project after local business owners expressed concern about the project’s timing — many are still recovering from the pandemic. (Marisa Cooper)

The Weekly Briefing gives a small look into the stories The Forum has covered in the past week. This week, we covered an advocacy Instagram account created by two Westminster College seniors, how local businesses in Sugar House halted construction until the spring and the resources Giovale Library has to offer.

Seniors create Instagram accounts for survivors to share stories anonymously

Two social media accounts emerged on Instagram early in August, offering Westminster College students the opportunity to share their stories dealing with sexual assault on campus. The stories are shared anonymously by page organizers, who say their goal is to provide a safe space to find solidarity.

The two accounts — @WestminstersaAdvocacy and @WestminsterSurvivors — were made in collaboration. However, the pages provide separate resources that focus on different goals.

Read the full story here.

Sugar House businesses halt construction so local companies can survive

Salt Lake City officials postponed a construction project along 1100 East — stretching from 2100 South to Ramona Avenue — after over 30 local businesses expressed financial concerns, citing exacerbated impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Originally meant to begin Monday, it was announced the week before that the project would instead be slated for the spring of 2021.

Read the full story here.

First-year student urges it’s up to those without food insecurity to fight for those who do

“Have you ever been hungry?” writes first-year student Alaina Williams in an opinion piece to The Forum. “This question can be interpreted in different magnitudes. In this instance, I am not referring to the common rumbling of the stomach nearing dinner time.

I am raising attention to the never-ending growling stomach of the people all around the world.”

Read the full story here.

Giovale librarians say they offer more than just books to students

While students may not realize all the resources available from Giovale Library, librarians joined efforts Wednesday during the Library Fair to show what else it has to offer — highlighting the different aspects students may be unaware of. 

“I think a lot of students just think the library is just a place to study, which it absolutely is and we love when students use it that way,” said Erin Merrill, student engagement librarian. “But we do offer a lot of services that students don’t know. For example, we help students do their research and a lot of people don’t know that exists.”  

Read the full story here.

Democrat vies for attorney general’s seat, promising to represent all Utah voters

Before Greg Skordas began his career as a private law practitioner, the lawyer said he dedicated his life to public service. After eight years at the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, Skordas left the public realm — without intentions of returning. 

Now, he’s running as the Utah attorney general, noting he never expected to re-enter public service. However, he said after being “disappointed” by the actions of the office during previous administrations, he felt compelled to throw his hat in the ring. 

Listen to the fourth episode of Behind the Ballot here.

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