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Weekly News Briefing: Aviation program ending, Mx. Westminster and tips to stay active during school year

Westminster College aviation student Maddie Lowe finishes up a flight at the SLC International Airport. All aviation students have to log a specific amount of hours and pass different ratings tests to get various pilot licenses, which is a time-consuming process. This has made it stressful for some aviation students to finish the major before it ends in Spring 2021. (Photo courtesy Maddie Lowe)

The Weekly Briefing gives a small look into the stories The Forum has covered in the past week. This week, we covered the experience of a first-generation student, learned tips on how to stay active during school and how aviation students are coping with the nearing end-date of the program.

Track & Field team breaks more school records

The Westminster College Track & Field team continued breaking school records at the Mountain State Games meet in Pocatello, Idaho over the weekend.

The team competed Friday and Saturday with several athletes setting new school records and student Tony Nickerson setting an NCAA provisional mark for the 800M, meaning he will be considered to compete in the national meet.

Students share tips on how to stay active during busy semester

Time management while being in school, no matter what year a student is in, can be stressful and difficult to maintain. Classwork, projects, sports, clubs, work, etc. are variables that most students deal with to some degree.

Students at Westminster College have different ways of coping with busy schedules and manage to fit exercise into their schedule.

Lawmakers push for end to confidentiality in church confessions

Rep. Angela Romero is pushing for her House Bill 90 “Child Abuse Reporting Amendmends” that would change how child abuse is reported within clergy confessionals.

The bill would require clergy to report any allegations of child abuse that are confessed in these religious meetings. Right now, clergy have an exemption to do so, but this bill would make it mandatory. 

For more highlights from this week at the state legislative session, listen to episode four of From The Hill.

Opinion: Mx. Westminster is fun — so why don’t more people do it?

Mx. Westminster champion of 2019 and host of the 2020 pageant writes an op-ed to The Forum asking: Why don’t more people participate in the show?

“Throughout the process, I made friends with the other contestants by learning a group dance together and spending time backstage during dress rehearsals and the performance. I also was able to feel the support of my friends and family when I successfully met my fundraising goal after just two days. 

This year I was the host for Mx. Westminster, and I also choreographed the group dance. Now that I get to see the behind-the-scenes element of Mx. Westminster, I am surprised by how difficult it is to find 12 willing contestants.”

First-gen students say Legacy Scholar Program helps fill the gaps

As a first-generation student, there are often aspects of college that they are unaware of until they step foot on campus. Without family members who can give personal advice on what their college experience was like, it can be a culture shock. 

The Legacy Scholars Program eases this transition, giving students a community to lean on to work through these unknowns.  The Forum sat down with Baez about her experience as a first-generation student at Westminster College.

End of aviation program brings stress to some student-pilots

Westminster College students in the aviation major are beginning to feel pressure as they near the official end-date of the program. The program will end in the Spring semester of 2021, so there is no option for students who may need extra time to graduate.

Aviation students were asked to sign an acknowledgment stating if they couldn’t finish their program requirements in time for graduation, they would not receive a degree. Some students say this adds stress because some required classes have been offered for the last time, which leaves no room for failure. 


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