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Weekly News Briefing: Drag show, student protestors and back-to-school tips

The Weekly Briefing gives a small look into the stories The Forum has covered in the past week. This week, we covered how student protestors say they build community through a common goal, how the tuition increase extends beyond campus and some tips to get back into the school routine. 

Back to school tips

Sean Whalen, CEO of Lions not Sheep and Meetrz, works out every morning in order to stick to a routine, even if he’s on vacation. If he doesn’t work out in the morning, he says he can tell that his entire day will be off. (Jaclyn Daly)

One thing all students can relate to is coming back for Spring semester after a nice long break of spending time with family, holiday parties, playing in the snow and hanging out with friends. 

For some it’s difficult to adjust back into a school routine after having no responsibility. However, there are some things that students can do to help them get back into the school routine. 

These range from mental health, physical movement and organization. 

ASW appoints new executive creative director

ASW appointed a new executive creative director to the student government team at the beginning of the Spring semester, after the previous student who held the position stepped down.

ASW appointed Westminster College sophomore CK Padayao who manages the design projects completed by ASW Creative. These projects include branding for student clubs and other advertising needs on campus. 

The Forum sat down with CK Padayao to discuss their adjustment into the new role as ASW executive creative director

Tuition increase stress extends beyond campus

Over winter break, students had the opportunity to talk about the tuition increase with their parents and family members. Some families pay or help pay for their student’s tuition and say they share the stress of covering the higher cost.  

Although some families think it would have been better to raise tuition gradually over time, other students they aren’t sure if an incremental increase would be any easier. 

Students build community through protesting

After the announcement of the 8.5% tuition increase, students at Westminster organized a silent protest in December. Through participating, some students said it created a strong sense of community and allowed for students to enter new spaces. 

Those students say protests serve as an invitation for people to join a community.

Drag show opens performance to everybody

Host of the ASW Drag Show, Sara Prollem, dressed up as the zodiac sign Leo Thursday in the HWAC Special Events Room. Organizers of the show said the purpose was to show that gender is a ridiculous performance that everyone does everyday. (Jaclyn Daly)

Westminster hosted the ASW Drag Show Thursday night in the HWAC Special Events Room where performers showed drag is for everyone. Some people assume that drag is when a male dresses up as a woman, but there’s actually a lot of different forms of drag. 

“Gender is not just something that is inherent in our bodies,” said Faith Staley, Queer Compass program coordinator. “Some women decide to do super feminine performances, some decide to do performances of drag kings and some decide to do performances of drag nonbinary.”

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