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Westminster alum inspired to work at small community

Angela Crossman poses at her desk after earning a teaching role at Blessed Sacrament School, 26 years ago. Crossman is a Westminster College alum with her bachelor of arts in education. (Photo Courtesy: Angela Crossman)

While spending some of her education in the public school system and some in the private school system, Angela Crossman found herself loving the idea of a small community.

Crossman, now a 49-year-old first-grade teacher at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, said she loves having a small community to teach in. When it came time to go to college, she was accepted into both Westminster College and the University of Utah. At that time, she chose the University of Utah.   

Finding that a small community was more of her learning style, she decided to attend Westminster and complete her teaching degree. After graduating, she substituted for public and private school systems where she learned the smaller atmosphere is where she had a passion, just like Westminster. 

She fell in love with the small community with high education at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. Now, Crossman has taught at this small private elementary for 26 years and still smiles at the thought of her students learning more she said.

Crossman sat down with The Forum on why she thinks Westminster influenced her to go to a small community to spread her talent among other students. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and conciseness. 

Q: What did you love about Westminster?

The most beneficial part of Westminster for me was the small close-knit community. The fact that the professors were very involved with my educational process and setting me up for success.

Q: How do you think Westminster prepared you for your career and your life?

A: Westminster offered very high-quality classes in the educational department, I was able to go out into many different schools to have what they called, processes in those teaching areas. I taught in many different levels of education. It set me up for success I think due to the fact that it was a small environment and the professors were constantly checking up and making sure that things were successful. 

Q: Do you think going to a private school for some of your education influenced your choice to work at a private school?

A: Initially, I wasn’t looking for a private school position, but now that I’ve been here for the 24 years, I do think that Westminster College helped in that process because I realized through the process that a small community is what best fits me.

Q: What do you love about Blessed Sacrament?

A: The benefits of Blessed Sacrament School are one the small community, two I believe that we offer a high quality of education, three it has allowed me to continue for the last 26 years, relationships with students and parents that I taught 26 years ago.

Q: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

A: My favorite part of teaching is when that learning process sparks for a child and they get the concept and the skill needed to progress.  

Q: When reflecting back on Westminster what do you think?

A: In reflecting back on my experience at Westminster, I am very grateful to the school for providing me such a strong base and creating such a strong teaching element for me and my success for the last 26 years.

Q: When you walked on the campus of Blessed Sacrament, what did you feel?

A: When I stepped out of the car to come in for my interview, it just felt like it was home and its been home for the last 26 years.  


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